Child of Eden


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Automaton (Bronze)
Objective: Achieved a 4 Star Clear Rank.

Dabbler (Bronze)
Objective: 10% of Extra bonuses unlocked.

Feel The Beat (Bronze)
Objective: Achieved a Perfect Octa-Lock.

Figure Eight (Bronze)
Objective: Purified an enemy using Octa-Lock.

Genius Play (Bronze)
Objective: Cleared the Matrix Archive on Normal Difficulty and achieved 100% purification.

Hot Shot (Bronze)
Objective: Achieved a total of 100 Perfect Octa-Locks.

Matrix Completionist (Bronze)
Objective: Obtained all items in the Matrix Archive.

Pulse-Pounding (Bronze)
Objective: Obtained more than 800,000 points in the Matrix Archive on Normal Difficulty.

The Cleaner (Bronze)
Objective: All enemy types purified.

The Skills That Pay The Bills (Bronze)
Objective: Achieved 10 consecutive Perfect Octa-Locks.

The Wireframe Web Expands (Bronze)
Objective: Cleared the Matrix Archive on Normal Difficulty Mode.

Total Enlightenment (Bronze)
Objective: Euphoria used.

Ultimate Compiler (Silver)
Objective: Collected all Reward Items in Lumi's Garden.

The Purest Shining Light (Gold)
Objective: Unlocked all Trophies.

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