Gizmondo To Launch in October

Gizmondo To Launch in October

Gizmondo, the recently announced handheld device, will be launched on October 29. The launch starts in the UK and will then be extended in 2005 worldwide. After the UK first stage, the prioritised markets are Europe and North America as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Gizmondo will offer a powerful alternative for those who wish to compliment their gaming with a variety of other multimedia options. The device will run Windows CE and will feature a 400 Mhz ARM9 processor, a 2.8" TFT color screen, a 3D games engine and a graphics accelerator and much more. The unique feature of Gizmondo will be its GPS (Global Positioning System) capabilities which have been utilized in an innovative way and will feature in location-based games. Users will also get basic GPS functions.

The October launch will allow Gizmondo to rule the handhelds during the Christmas period, as it will be the only next-gen handheld available at the time and therefore the most powerful. Its main rivals, the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP will appear in 2005.

Steve Carroll, CTO, Gizmondo Europe Ltd said: Everything's gone according to schedule and now we can enjoy the fruition of our hard work. I'm very proud that the world is now able to enjoy our leading engineering and entrepreneurship. It's going to be fun out there.

For further details on Gizmondo follow the download tab above.