Chub Gam 3D - God mode


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God mode

Press Alt-G for god mode Press "k" while walking and you will go throught anything like a ghost mode no clipping
Submitted by Brendan


Level One Hints
Go North You have a compass so use it
Follow the voice of "Rex" and after talking with him enter the gates to the house

Corridor Level Hints
When you find the rocket launcher weapon you might want to try it out on the gentleman who is standing on the chair you'll know who we're talking about when you meet him since he is pretty tough to kill

General Hints
Feel free to explore the levels in Chub Gam 3D you might find something interesting
Pick up and read any notebooks or pieces ofpaper you findWe understand that the Doctor's published research text can be quite informative about the future.
You can only carry so much in your inventory at once so practice some inventory management
For the experienced Chub Gam 3D player:Try bouncing grenades off the walls
Check all doors and closets
Expect the unexpected...this isn't your usual Doom/Quake adventure
Talk to all characters they want to talk to you
Finally lighten up and enjoy immersing yourself into the "genre busting=" 3D world of "CHUB GAM 3D"

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