Clive Barker's Undying - Walkthru v11

Clive Barker's Undying

Walkthru v1.1

by Xylanic

Various Cheats

During gameplay press Tab for a chat window then type any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
addall All Weapons and Spells
set aeons.patrick health 999 Add 999 to Health
assall Create Donkey
infiniteMana 0/1 Toggle Infinite Mana
becomeLight 0/1 Toggle Light
showfps Show Framerate
flight Enable Flight Mode
set aeons.patrick mana 999 Add 999 to Mana
AmpAttSpell Increase Level of Selected Spell
behindview 1 Third Person View
eh God Mode
slomo Increase Game Speed to 15
setjumpz Set Jump Level to 01000
infinitemana 0/1 Toggle Unlimited Mana
invisible 0/1 Enemies Do Not Attack

Submitted in part by SStarFighter

Map Names

start Aeons
start CatacombsCisterns
start CatacombsCliffs
start CatacombsEntrance
start CatacombsExit
start CatacombsExitAfter
start CatacombsLairOfLizbeth
start CatacombsLairOfLizbethPostCU
start CatacombsLowerLevel
start CatacombsSaintsHall
start CatacombsTunnels
start CatacombsWellRoom
start CatacombsWindChamber
start CU01
start CU02
start CU03
start CU04
start CU05
start CU06
start CU07
start CU08
start CU09
start CU10
start CU11
start CU12
start CU13
start Entry
start EternalAutumnFinalFightArch
start EternalAutumnFinalFightArena
start EternalAutumnFinalFightArenaBattle
start EternalAutumnFinalFightRuins
start EternalAutumnRavinesAirieInterior
start EternalAutumnRavinesBridge
start EternalAutumnRavinesChase
start EternalAutumnRavinesChieftain
start EternalAutumnRavinesForest
start EternalAutumnTransition
start EternalAutumnWaterfallDwellingsLower
start EternalAutumnWaterfallDwellingsUpper
start EternalAutumnWaterfallGauntlet
start GroundsCottage
start groundsdocknight
start GroundsLighthouse
start GroundsMausoleumApproach
start GroundsMausoleumEntrance
start GroundsMausoleumTunnels
start GroundsOldCemetery
start ManorCentralLower
start ManorCentralLowerAfter
start ManorCentralLowernight
start ManorCentralLowerstorm
start ManorCentralUpper
start ManorCentralUpperAfter
start ManorCentralUpperPostOneiros
start ManorCentralUpperstorm
start ManorChapel
start ManorChapelnight
start ManorCrypt
start ManorEastWingLower
start ManorEastWingLowerAfter
start ManorEastWingLowernight
start ManorEastWingUpper
start ManorEastWingUpperAfter
start ManorEastWingUppernight
start ManorEntranceHall
start ManorEntranceHallFromKitch
start ManorEntranceHallIntro
start ManorEntranceHallNight
start ManorEntranceHallnightReturnfromCove
start ManorEntranceHallStorm
start ManorEntranceHallToKitch
start ManorFrontGate
start ManorFrontGatenight
start ManorFrontGateNightReturn
start ManorGardens
start ManorGardensnight
start ManorGardensstorm
start ManorGreatHallnight
start ManorGreatHallStorm
start ManorInnerCourtyard
start ManorInnerCourtyardStorm
start ManorNorthWingLower
start ManorNorthWingLowerAfter
start ManorNorthWingLowernight
start ManorNorthWingLowerstorm
start ManorNorthWingUpper
start ManorNorthWingUppernight
start ManorNorthWingUpperPostOneiros
start ManorNorthWingUpperstorm
start ManorPatricksRoom
start ManorTowerRunnight
start ManorTowerRunstorm
start ManorWestWing
start ManorWestWingHall1
start ManorWestWingNight
start ManorWidowsWatchstorm
start MonasteryPastChurch
start MonasteryPastExterior
start MonasteryPastInterior
start MonasteryPastLivingQuarters
start MonasteryPresentChurch
start MonasteryPresentCove
start MonasteryPresentEntrance
start MonasteryPresentInnerSanctum
start MonasteryPresentTunnels
start OneirosAmphitheater
start OneirosCity1
start OneirosCity2
start OneirosHowlingWell
start OneirosIntro
start OneirosOracle
start OneirosRetreatBath
start OneirosRetreatExterior
start OneirosRetreatSecondFloor
start OneirosRetreatStudio
start OneirosZigguratInterior
start OneirosZigguratLower
start OneirosZigguratUpper
start PiratesCoveBarracks
start PiratesCoveExterior
start PiratesCovePier
start PiratesCovePool
start PiratesCoveTreasureRoom
start playground
start SmokeTest
start StandingStonesFirstVisit
start StandingStonesKingFight
start start