Colosseum: Road to Freedom - Easy money

Colosseum: Road to Freedom - Easy money
Easy money:
While you are in the area where you can arm yourself, pick up as many items as possible swords, shields, helmets. Once you are unable to pick up anything else, go to the storage box and store the items you have. Then, go back and pick up the rest of the items and store them. If one of the other Gladiators picks up an item, just follow him around; he will eventually drop it. After you have picked up all items and stored them, leave the area. Then, go to the armory where you can buy and sell armor. You now can access the storage box and sell all the free items. Make sure to save the weapons you want to fight with. The weapons and shields only reappear after each fight.

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete and save the game. Load the cleared game file to begin with all skills. You can now choose to be from Rome or Greece during character creation. You will also have the choice of your character being a former gladiator, solider, or nobleman which will change your starting stats. All items will also appear in your item box when you reach the first arena.

Finish the game at least once.

Go beyond Day 50:
First, complete all the story elements of the game deal with Marcia, beat on Narcissus, and do the staged fight with Commodus. Then on Day 48, Marcia will tell you that Commodus wants you to train with him. You must first refuse. She will ask you again. Accept this time. In the carriage, Marcia asks if you think it is time to liberate Rome. Select the "No" response. Kill Commodus when you fight him in his personal training ground. Narcissus is then framed for killing him. When Laetus comes to ask you on Day 49 to be Narcissus's executioner, refuse to do it. Decline both times when you are asked. Then on Day 50, do not leave you room and choose to "Sleep". You will then wake up on Day 51 and can continue to play. Note: The only way to "end" the game at this point is to go into Punishment mode, kill 100 guards, and escape.

Homeland Greece:
Finish the game at least once.

Homeland Rome:
Finish the game atleast once.

Finish the game at least once.

Finish the game at least once.

Believe in Jupitor:
Finish the game at least once.

Advance 10 levels:
Press R1, L2, L2, Square, X, Triangle, Square in the training area.

Get a Manica:
To get the manica of the final enemy of a kill off battle, first, kill all of the other enemies around you except the ones with manicas. Then get a small shield, do the bash attack and do the power attack. If you keep repeatings these, you will surely get a manica