Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour - Game Hack

Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour - Game Hack

Game Hack

First you go to Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data. This file should be in My Documents. After your in the Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data tou click on SkirmashStats.ini NOTE: YOU SHOULD MAKE A BACK-UP FILE FOR THIS CERTAIN FILE INCASE SOMETHIUNG GOES WRONGThen you just highlight the following and paste it in the file:

GLACampaign4 = 1
USACampaign4 = 1
ChinaCampaign4 = 1
Honors = 999999999999999
BestWinStreak = 999
Challenge = 0
LoyalGames = 999
Nuke = 100
PPC = 100
SCUD = 100
WinStreak = 999
Wins = 999
mapsalpine assaultalpine assault.map4 = 100
mapsarmored furyarmored fury.map4 = 100
mapsdesert furydesert fury.map4 = 100
mapsfinal crusadefinal crusade.map4 = 100
mapsfortress avalanchefortress avalanche.map4 = 100
mapsheartland shieldheartland shield.map4 = 100
mapssand serpentsand serpent.map4 = 100
mapstournament deserttournament desert.map4 = 100
mapstournament islandtournament island.map4 = 100
mapstournament islandtournament island.map4 = 100
mapswhiteoutwhiteout.map4 = 100
mapsalpine assaultalpine assault.map4 = 100
mapsarmored furyarmored fury.map4 = 100
mapsdark mountaindark mountain.map4 = 100
mapsdesert furydesert fury.map4 = 100
mapsfallen empirefallen empire.map4 = 100
mapsfinal crusadefinal crusade.map4 = 100
mapsfortress avalanchefortress avalanche.map4 = 100
mapsgolden oasisgolden oasis.map4 = 100
mapsheartland shieldheartland shield.map4 = 100
mapshomeland alliancehomeland alliance.map4 = 100
mapslone eaglelone eagle.map4 = 100
mapsrogue agentrogue agent.map4 = 100
mapsbarren badlandsbarren badlands.map4 = 100
mapsbitter winterbitter winter.map4 = 100
mapsbombardment beachbarbardment beach.map4 = 100
mapsdust devildust devil.map4 = 100
mapsflash fireflash fire.map4 = 100
mapskilling fieldskilling fields.map4 = 100
mapsleipzig lowlandsleipzig lowlands.map4 = 100
mapssilent riversilent river.map4 = 100
mapstournament plainstournament plains.map4 = 100
mapswasteland warlordswasteland warlords.map4 = 100
mapswinding riverwinding river.map4 = 100
mapswinter wolfwinter wolf.map4 = 100
mapscairo commandoscairo commandos.map4 = 100
mapsflash effectflash effect.map4 = 100
mapsbear town beatdownbear town beatdown.map4 = 100
mapsdark nightdark night.map4 = 100
mapseastern evergladeseastern everglades.map4 = 100
mapsel scorchioel scorchio.map4 = 100
mapslights outlights out.map4 = 100
mapsoverland offensiveoverland offensive.map4 = 100
mapsrocky rampagerocky rampage.map4 = 100
mapstournament continenttournament continent.map4 = 100
mapstournament laketournament lake.map4 = 100
mapstournament tundratournament tundra.map4 = 100
mapstournament urbantournament urban.map4 = 100
mapsvictory valleyvictory valley.map4 = 100
mapsmountain gunsmountain guns.map4 = 100
mapsfree fire zonefree fire zone.map4 = 100
mapsgreen pasturesgreen pastures.map4 = 100
mapstournament citytournament city.map4 = 100
mapsdestruction stationdestruction station.map4 = 100
mapstwilight flametwilight flame.map4 = 100

Also note that two maps: Barren Badlands and Overland Offensive wont work

China-Best Defense

To defend your base efficiently, you should have two Bunkers filled with Tank Hunters and a Gattling Gun in the middle. The gattling gun mows down Infantry and the Tank Hunters blow the flegeebies out of tanks. The enemy will need twenty tanks to get through this defense but this fails if the enemy has artillery but the other than Tomahawk Missiles or a SCUD Launcher.


The Hilex2 helicopter is a great advantage for China. The best combo for a Hilex2 is to make a bunker for Tank Hunters because napalm is good against infantry and Tank hunters are of coarse, Tanks while both are good against buildings.

Good overall win on easy and medium America

When you are playing almost any type of game in Generals, you cna get an easy win by starting out with 4 construction dozers and building barracks, supply centers and about 150 or 160 power, strategy center buy every upgrade you can, and supply drop zones make sure to set up base defenses also, a pattern of fire bases and patriot missile systems, with men in the firebases3rockets and 1 sniper Wherever you are barricade yourself in on all sides of your base with those base defenses. They will come and you will mow them down. After that when you get to be a three star, get the A-10 strike 3. Destroy alot with that to boost you up to a 5 star and get the Spectre gunship3if possible, if not get troop drop3. Then get the fuel air promotion if possible, if not get the leaflet drop upgrade. If you can get the fuel air bomb upgrade, upgrade it to a Mother of All Bombs. Then you can bomb the crap out of them. Get 2 or 3 airfields and get either king raptors or raptors. with all of your power make about 9 or 10 particle cannons. After that you can knock them almost completely out. This will cause a huge win if everything is dropped at the same time, and you will barely have to leave your base for anything.

Get those USA slow units to the battle faster

Most battles need support eventually and if you need a slow but powerful unit to get from your base to the battle on the other side of the map, use your Chinooks. A single Chinook can carry up to 2 vehicles like the tomahawk missile, though some for some units you can only fit one in a Chinook. But its a quick way to keep the fight going and get that one unit were it needs to be to win.

US defense strategy

Build four patriot missiles and two firebases Artillery center inside each of the firebases put a sniper tw rockets and a machine gunnerThis will tear your enemies assault vehicles and infantry to pieces very quickly.

Good Challenge mode Generals to pick

The Demo guy for the GLA is very good because everything he has is EXPLOSIVE His SCUDS and Demo Trucks are also powerful too, the SCUDS explode red. The Advanced Demo Traps Are Also Good

The Ace Granger guy for the US is good because he has good aircraft and along with Lasert Defenses for all aircraft, King Raptors, and Countermeasures he is really the king of the sky. But,... The Super Weapon General is also very good too because she has ALPHA AROURAS, EMP MISSILES Insant Kill for aircraft, and her Particle Cannons are Cheap.

For China, obviously, the Nuke General is Very, Very, Very, good duh

ALSO: For the Hilex-2 Copter thing I submitted, DON'T USE THAT STRATEGY, INSTEAD, USE GATLING GUNS FOR EVERY 2 OF 3 HILEX COPTERS AND 1 PROPAGANDA TOWER FOR EVERY 3.or 2 for every five propaganda tower of 5 and 3 gattling guns for every five copters.

Great Challenge Technique

Having trouble beating the Generals Challenge mode on hard? Here is a really good way to beat it. Pick the Super weapon GeneralThe female for USA. Right when you start off, build a power plant and cue two dozers. Then, when the second dozer comes out, send it near the supply pile. Once the first dozer finishes building the power, immediately upgrade it and start building the supply center with the second. Once the supply center finishes, build another chinook. Then, build a war factory, and a few Electronic Pulse Patriots around your base. When your war factory is finished, build a few humvees as funds permit. As soon as you can, upgrade to the TOW missile. Set these to guard the different sides to your base. Once you are more financially secure, build more Electronic Pulse Patriot Missiles around your base. Then you build a Strategy Center. Once this is done, get two Particle Cannons going as soon as possible make sure you have enough power first. Once you have these, build several supply drops to keep the cash flowing in. Continue to build more Particle Cannons, and use them with the spy satellite.

-To protect against the GLA Sneak Attack or Rebel ambush, place a few Electronic Pulse Patriot Missles throughout your base. Also, a few Comanches can make a big differance if they are set to guard over your base. They can cover really big areas. As soon as you reach level 3 in the Generals, pick the Pathfinder upgrade. A couple of these bad boys will make the rebel ambush no problem.