The End of Days-09 Full

The End of Days-09 Full

The End of Days is realistic mod for c&c Generals-Zero hour. It adds Russian faction with unique tech system allows to player to chose Tactical-Ballistic or Air force or Tank weapon system during game progress. A lot of new units upgrades and special powers.

TEOD 09 will show some good changes as new particles, balance and new unit parameters that open new tactics different from other MODs. Build ballistic missiles as Shaheen-2 or Topol-M or counter your enemies tactical weaponry with powerful s-500 or THAAD missiles. Also you will find truly realistic behaviors of current, re made units. But this is not all. Find other players and go in game to see it all. This version have only ultimate mode. As you remember there was " weapon system " mode in previous 08 which is now removed, but will return in final version with new and unique units for all sub weapon systems.


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