Crystalis - Psycho Armor amp Shield Ring

Crystalis - Psycho Armor amp Shield Ring

Psycho Armor & Shield Ring

First to get the Psycho Armor you have to beat Dragonia in the Pyramid in the desert you should open the chest that has it in it because it is the best armor and it restores HP as you stand still.this also works for the original version for NESTo get the shield ring, after you save the queen in portoa go deeper into the cave and find another flute of lime after finding the Sword of Waterthen find a stone guy and use the flute he will be free and will give you the Shield Ring which raises your defense.

What the swords can do

SWORD OF WIND:At level 2, you destroy rock walls.

SWORD OF FIRE: Once it has achieved level 2, use this sword to melt ice walls.

SWORD OF FIRE: Use your level 2 sword to create a ice bridge over small rivers.

SWORD OF THUNDER:Destroy iron walls with this once it has reached level 2.

How to get the change spell

To get the change spell first go to the city Swan and then go to the bar place and in the corner there's a guy that says something like just on my way out. Use your paralyzing spell on him and he will change and say wow do that again after he says that he will go to the dancing place. Go there and you will see him in the left corner. use you paralyzing spell again and he will talk some more and then he will give you the change spell which lets you change into people.