Dance Dance Revolution: Konamix - Note

Dance Dance Revolution: Konamix - Note
  • Link mode

Select game or solo mode, then press Left2 or Right2.

  • Emi without a hat

Highlight game mode, solo mode or workout mode at the selection screen. Then, hold Right and press X. During game play Emi will appear without a hat.

  • Under Yuni's skirt

Select "Yuni" from hidden collection. During the game, you can see up her skirt.

  • Hidden songs

Select game or solo mode. Play three songs to unlock a hidden song. Next, play different songs in a different order, then play the secret song as the third song. Try again if this does not work the first time. The secret songs will be highlighted in green and will be marked "NEW" Note: All of your songs must have a Grade B or higher. When you get all the songs you will have twenty hidden songs. The following are all the secret songs you should have:

1. Absolute
2. AM-3P 303 Bass Mix tkz remixed by U1
3. Can't Stop Fallin' in Love
4. Dive
5. Drop Out
6. DXY
7. Do It Right
8. Genom Screams
9. Healing Vision
10. Holic
11. Leading Cyber
12. La Senorita Virtual
13. Let the Beat Hit Em' Classic R&B Style
14. Matsuri JAPAN
15. Orion . 78 AMeuro-MIX
16. Paranoia Rebirth
17. R3
18. Superstar
19. Trip Machine Luv Mix
20.Era Nostal Mix

Note: These songs are in alphabetical order and not in order that they are unlocked.