Everblue - Extra Fish

Everblue - Extra Fish

Extra Fish

Once you build an aquarium go to your marine guide then Rearrange them in alphabetical order. Now when you go to the aquarium and do exchange you can see fish you've never seen before

Item Combos

Acetic Anhydride Acetyl Acid = Aspirin
Beryl Knife Basalt = Magnetite/Jade /Augite
Beryl knife Calcite = Limestone/Marble
Beryl knife Gabro = Magnetite/Titanium Ore/Apatite
Beryl Knife Granite = Orthoclase/Quartz
Beryl knife Opiment = Yellow Paint
Deep Sea Water Mega-ade 1000 = Mega-ade 2000
Deep Sea Water Mega-ade 2000 = Mega-ade 4000
Deep Sea Water Mega-ade 4000 = Mega-ade 8000
Deep Sea Water Mega-ade 500 = Mega-ade 1000
Deep Sea Water Tourmaline = Mineral Water
Diamond Knife Calcedony = Carnelian/Sardonyx/Chrysoprase
Diamond Knife Corundum = Ruby/Sapphire
Diamond Knife Quartz = Citrine/Crystal /?
Limestone Gabro = Cement
Mineral Water Mega-ade 2000 = Supertonic Turbo
Mineral Water Mega-ade 4000 = Supertonic Extra
Negative Ion Water Mega-ade 1000 = Supertonic Dash
Negative Ion Water Mega-ade 4000 = Royal Ampoule
Negative Ion Water Mega-ade 500 = Supertonic
Ring Tourmaline = Ion Ring
Snake Bite Killer Spider = Scorpions Tail
Titanium Alloy Rebreather 10 = Infinite Rebreather
Vanadium Titanium Ore = Titanium Alloy
Water Mega-ade 300 = Mega-ade 500
Water Mega-ade 500 = Mega-ade 1000 Water Oxidized Alcohol = Disinfection Liquid
Water Tourmaline = Negative Ion Water

Get rebreather

First get titanium alloy by combining Vanadium Titanium Ore. Now combine Titanium Alloy rebreather 10 to get Unlimited Rebreather

Beat Chao

You must get a perfect run to beat his time. You must complete the course without hitting any obstacles.