F-Zero Gx - New Mute City Music

F-Zero Gx - New Mute City Music

New Mute City Music

In the F-Zero GX Shop, enter X, X, X, Y, X, X, X, Y, Z, Z, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT

Unlock Diamond Cup

Use standard or expert difficulty and get 1st place on the Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald Cups

Unlock Diamond Cup

Get 1st place on the Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald Cups using expert difficulty

Unlock Dark Schneider

Finish all story mode chapters

Unlock Master Class

Get 1st place on Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire.using Expert Difficulty

Unlock AX machine Parts

Use Hard difficulty and beat the story chapters

Unlock AX Pilots

Use Very Hard difficulty and beat the story chapters

Unlock AX tracks

Finish first in AX Machine Tracks or beat gran prix using master difficulty

Unlock Sonic Oval

Beat the AX Cup to get AX Mute City Sonic Oval

Car Setup

Pay attention to the Machine Setting graph before racing. Each F-Zero racer can be customized by moving the slider to the left or the right.

Acceleration / Left-Balanced: Move the line to the left to balance the car for quick turning. This setting is appropriate for technical courses with many sharp turns and few long straights. The car will boost off the start much faster and perform better while drifting. When using a car balanced for acceleration, use the drift turn technique press L and R while turning to prevent speed loss in corners.

Top Speed / Right Balanced: Move the line towards the right to balance the car for faster top speeds. This setting is best for courses with long straights or pipes and few sharp turns. The car doesn't drift as well and has lower acceleration after impacts or from the start line. Use the slide turn technique to navigate around corners press R while turning right, L while turning left and follow the apex of the curve for best results.

Lateral shifting

This tip is best achieved on the "lateral shift" level. While driving, aim at the inside of any of the blind corners, just to the outside of the posts. You would normally fall off, but if you push back towards the middle of the track at the last second, you will fly across the gap and receive a large boost when you land on the road.
When you first try this, instead of turning back towards the middle of the track, use the L and R buttons to drift in the right directions. This is easier than actually turning the ship, but the boost will be slightly smaller.This trick can be done on any course with any vehicle, but the custom "scud spider z" seems to be very fast and not too difficult, whilst some are nearly impossible. This trick can knock about 5-7 seconds off the first lap alone on this particular course, hence the trick's name.

Snake technique

This controversial "technique" exploits F-Zero's finely tuned physics model to simulate special boosts caused by correctly leaning into curves using the controller's shoulder buttons.

To use the snake technique, select a heavy car with a high grip rating A like Black Shadow's Black Bull, then set it up for high acceleration. By alternating L and R and turning left and right at the same time, players then drive serpentines and essentially simulate turns on a straightway. Use of this technique on wide courses results in incredible lap times.

If you're having trouble executing the technique, know that it's not a matter of rapidly pressing buttons. Turn left while holding L, then turn right while holding R after you've performed a visible turn.

Repeat ad infinem and get faster and faster. You'll see results even when using Captain Falcon's machine -- just make sure it's set up for high acceleration. Don't overdo it. When you're steering into turns, steady your craft and don't forget to hit the dash plates.

Toggle the Subtitles

When you Beat Any Cups on any difficulty in Grand Prix mode when Mr.Zero is going to interview you Press Z to toggle the subtitles to hear the spoken dialogue. This also works on the CGI FMV sequences in Story Mode.

Ultimate machine

The ultimate machine is perfect for decent players. The name is the Sky Lynx -RX
Super LynxBcockpit
Sky HorseCbody
Devilfish -RxAbooster
Please note that the devilfish -rx is an F-Zero AX part. You need to complete one of the story levels on hard or go to the nearest arcade to get it.