Medal of Honor: Frontline - Level Cheats

Medal of Honor: Frontline - Level Cheats

Level Cheats

ORANGUTAN = unlocks Mission 2 of 6 A Storm in the Port
CHIMP = Unlocks mission 4 of 6
BABOON = unlocks Mission 3 of 6 Neddle in a Haystack
LEMUR = unlocks Mission 5 of 6 Rolling Thunder
GORILLA = unlocks Mission 6 of 6 The Horten's Nest

Silver Bullet mode 1 shot kills

From the main menu, go to options, then go to passwords.
Green lights will flash if you did it right. Exit passwords, then go to bonus and turn on silver bullet.

Skip Mission and get Gold

From the main menu, go to options, then go to passwords. Type in MONKEY. Enable or disable the code with the 'bonus' option under the Enigma machine

Photon Rockets

At the Enigma type TPMOHTON. The lights will flash green to confirm correct entry.

Rubber Grenades

At the Enigma machine type "BOING" without the quotations.


Enter URTHEMAN at the Enigma Machine. If you entered the code correctly, green lights will flash. Select the "Bonus" option underneath the Enigma Machine to enable/disable this cheat. This cheat allows the Nazis to kill you with one shot.

Snipe With Any Weapon

Type LONGSHOT in the Enigma Machine, to activate the cheat which enables you to snipe zoom with most weapons.

Finish Previous Mission with Gold Star

At the Enigma machine type TIMEWARP.

Get Invincibility

After pausing the game press Square, L1, Circle, R1, Triangle, L2, Select, R2

Get Unlimited Ammo

After pausing the game press Circle, L2, Square, L1, Select, R2, Triangle, Select

Bullet Shield

In the passwords menu, type in the code BULLETZAP and you will have a bullet shield.
NOTE: this will not protect you from explosions or punches. It only protects you from bullets.

Enemies with hats

In the passwords option, type in the code HABRDASHR.
This will make enemies have weird heads.

Invisible enemies

Type WHERERU on the enigma machine then go to bonus and turn on the code that says Invisible Enemies.

Super Nazi

Type in URTHEMAN at the password screen to get super strong nazis

Achilles Head Mode

To unlock the bonus type GLASSJAW in the Enigma Machine. This effect allows head shots only to kill the enemy.

Unlock FMV's

At the Enigma machine type these in:



Enter the options menu and turn on the subtitles. This will allow you to know what the Germans are saying.

Operation Repunzel: Suicidal Nazi

There is a Nazi soldier practicing a speech in a hall where you find the map behind the painting. Instead of going around on the top, go downstairs and run up to him. He will automatically fall back and die without a single shot. The only downside is that you cannot get a gold star for this mission if this is done.

Secret medal

Successfully complete the game with a Gold Star in every mission to receive the EA LA Medal of Valor.

All Weapons

You have to beat the game twice. If you you beat it four times you can get a new person in and new weapons and new levels. You can get car by beating the game seven times without dieing you can get anycode in thet you you like. Just go to lode settings if you8 saved it. It will give you every code in the game.

On Track: UFO

When you get outside to Sturmgeist's train, look up and to the right. You will see a UFO flying in the air. If you look closely, it has the Nazi symbol, and colors on it.