Fable - Legendary Weapons and Locations

Fable - Legendary Weapons and Locations
Legendary Weapons and Locations:
1. The Harbringer: near Temple of Avo Strength. Stats must be maxed out.
2. Cutlass Blutetane: Greatwoods Cave demon door.
3. Ronok the ax: Grey house demon door.
4. Dollmasters mace: abandonroad demon door.
5. Wellows Pichammer: greatwood gorge demon door.
6. Murren Greahammer: in 20 key chest at heroesguild.
7. Murren Great ax: 15 key chest at hook coast.
8. Solus Greatsword: buy in north bowerstone.
9. The Sentus: donate enough money to temple of avo.
10. Skorms Bow: sacrafice enough to chapel of skorm.
11. Arkens crossbow: 15 key chest at darkwood marshes.
12. Frying pan: hidden at orchard farmread clues 1-6.
13. Katana Hyru: 16 chest key in lady greys bedroom.
14. Sword of Aeons: kill jack of blades and sister strongest melee weapon in the game.

Easy Attractive 100:
To get that ol' complexion looking nice to the ladies, with no tattoos involved those are optional. Get these hair styles:

The Pudding Basin- Hair
Power Moustache- Moustache
Multon Chop Beard- Beard

Ladies will fall for you now

Unlmited Experience:
Go to the Lychfield Graveyard, and in nearly any part of it, just walk around. Undead will continually sprout from the ground. They never stop,and give mass experience. Kill them until satisfied.

Continuous Play:
Watch the credits at the end of the game to continue playing with your character.

Secret Hairstyle:
After you fight the Wasp Queen look for a hairstyle card on the bench.

Marry A Man:
Eventually you will be able to marry. You can choose a man or a woman.

Bribe Guards:
You can pay for the guards "break time" which is a great way to commit crimes without getting caught.

Commit Easier Crimes:
Make sure a non player character is NOT looking in your direction when you commit a crime and you'll get away with it.

Pick Locks Of Houses:
Wait until late in the evenings or during the night, as the chance of being caught is reduced to an absolute minimum. Pay attention to the Eye of Awareness while committing a crime; as it might prevent you from being caught.

Cause Distractions While Committing Crimes:
You'll need to pal around with some sidekicks who will do your dirty work for you. Have the sidekicks fight guards to cause a distraction, which will result in NPC's running away, giving you all the time you need to commit crimes such as stealing etc.

Some food types have special abilities; they might change day to night, improve some of your attributes or change your alignment.

Stealable items can be found in the shops. To attempt to steal them, you can target the item, and then use the "shoplift" expression.

Run To The Demon Door And Back:
The character does not run by default. You must press the B button to run. Before you talk to the character that starts the race, be sure you are facing in the direction you need to run. When the timer begins immediately start running and be sure to avoid everyone in your path. Run straight around to where the door is and line yourself up directly down the middle of the rock bridge. As soon as you touch the door you don't have to select it push the stick in the opposite direction and you should go straight back across. Then just avoid all people on the way back and as soon as you see the dialog balloon aiming at the race guy hit the button to end the challenge.

Gang-Busting Tips:
Okay, being surrounded by hordes of enemies is no fun, no matter how strong you are. To kill them all much quicker, several percautions should be taken:

1- Use Enflame to fry all the nearby enemies, giving you a couple of seconds to come back.

2- Do NOT use thetargeting system. Rather than focus on one, its best to just slash wildy at your foes.

3- Always take care of the weaker ones first. They may be weak, but if your sword, axw or hammer is charged up, ready for a flourish, it can be easily broken.

4- Use Assassin's Rush to move out of the fray, and behind an enemy. Kill him, and try to keep from getting surrounded again.

5- The best technique for getting a little space is Force Push No, not from Star Wars. Ue this to push all the surrounding enemies back.

Ever wonder why you're called a Chicken Chaser?

Not much of a title for an Evil Warlord, or Messiah.

To get a new title, they have special traders found alongs paths, sometimes.

You can get some awsome titles, like Assassin, or Liberator, to "Arseface"

Arseface? Kind of a step down, if you ask me.

Frying Pan:
The treasure clues start you on the dock at orchard farm. They lead you through the apple orchard and down the path towards the barn. At the first barn, dig in between the barn wall and the bales of hey to find the Frying Pan

Throw fireballs and shoot arrows simultaneously:
Map the Fireball spell to the quick menu's X button. With the bow in-hand, hold the left trigger to target an enemy, then hold the right trigger to access your quick menu, then hold the X button. The Fireball spell should now start to charge in your hand. While still holding left trigger and X, release the right trigger. Instead of throwing the fireball or cancelling the spell, your character will begin to draw an arrow. When you've pulled back all the way, release the X button and you'll shoot both the arrow and the fireball at roughly the same time. This glitch may work with other spells, preferably anything with a charge/release effect such as Fireball or a repeat-while-held effect such as Lightning.

Hero Save Exploit:
In the middle of a quest, if you use a hero save and reload the save, you will start at the beginning of the quest as if you had never begun, and you will retain all items that you obtained during the last run of the quest. This is especially useful in the Arena, where vast amounts of money can be made if used right.

Mega quick alignment change:
To change your alignemt in the blink of an eye, simply go to the Temple of Avo or Skorm. At the temple of Avo, you can donate gold to change your alignment to good. At the temple of Skorm, you can donate gold to change your alignent to evil. Ex- 5000 Gold at the temple of Avo, will give you 519 good points. With enough gold, you can change your set path in an instant.

Foul language:
Ever wonder why the game's M rating includes "Strong language". Its the simple fact that if your character becomes dark enough, he will learn "insult" Use this at any time and your character will say s.

Easy stealing:
You first need the steal action which you can get from upgrading your guile at the Heros guild. Once you have the steal action go and buy about 6 beers from a pub. Next go to the shop or house you want to steal from and get the owner to follow you. Then take him into the pub, or if there is no pub around, take him inside another house, and give him the 6 beers. This should make him drunk and he will just wobble around. Now with the owner gone you can easily steal the things in the store without being seen. Once you have stolen everything you want just go to sleep in a bed till the next morning and the store should have new things to be stolen. I found that this technique works best in Oakvale.

Unlimited Evil Points:
I guess it's sort of a code, but when you have to take the traders to safty the first time, you can kill one of them without losing the mission. So when yo kill one, you get about 130 evil points. After you kill one, save your hero attributes and kill the other one. You will start the mission over but you will still have the 130 evil points for killing the first trader. If you want to go faster, you can go to get the wounded trader, and kill HIM and one other trader, if you kill both original traders you will start over.

A real easy way to get a high combat multiplyer and hella exp. Go to Lady grey's house just west of barrow fields. To get the "exp dispenser" you need to do the traders quest. Go into lady greys house and kill the undead that rise up after the cutscene. Now go outside and underground. Get the scrawled parchment and other misc. that is down there. Leave. You'll notice that the undead are all over the area. Kill the medium sizes undead all around. Then get the two biggest undead into one area. I find it easiest for the lake on the right or small pond. For this to work make the two big undead guys summon they have to be close enough to each other to summon because undead need to be around for these guys to summon more. Then as 4 little guys pop up from each of these guys use your enflame skill to kill them over and over again. With 167 will potions i completely maxed out my character and got my combat multiplyer up to 150. This all being before defeating twinblade.

Avo's tear:
To get avos tear you must complete every quest in the game that are on the quest table at th e guild. Note: If you do not have enough renown use your trophies to get more an example is outside the guild go on the boating stand and wait for everybody t gather and then get off and pull out a trophy.

Avos tear the real way:
To avos tear simply destroy the sword of aeons and the guildmaster will mention an ancient sword. He will tell you to check mazes old ouarters, he means check the book shelves and his journel will reveal its location

Complete Bright plate armour suit:
For opening the Abandoned road Demon door on the way to Twinblades Camp, you can get the complete Bright Plate Armour set for it the Snowspire village. BUT To get this far, when you defeat Jack of Blades, DO NOT press Y in the credits and skip them as I have heard that you will not be able to continue the game if you do. Hope this helps

Easy money:
To get some easy money, when you get a quest card, select take quest and boast. I suggest doing the no protection boast if it is at the start of the game, as this is the easiest.

Get as much money as you want:
First, go to Oakvale. Then, go to the guy the sells ITEMS, not weapons, and buy all his emeraldsClick on the "Buy all emeralds. After you buy them all, he will have zero so he will pay more for than he sold them for, but don't sell them. Check until the next delivery and waitsleepuntil the guy delivers them. After the store owner gets his delivery, buy all his emeraldsclick on the "Buy all emeralds". Then sell all your emeraldsclick on "Sell al emeralds". You will be selling each one for more than you bought it. Repeat these steps as much as you want.

Get Paladin Title:
To get the Paladin title you must donate gold to the Temple of Avo located in witchwood. Im not sure exactly sure how much but it is probably less than 50k knowing that donating that much gets you the ultimate hammer.
Helms to go with bright and dark plate armour
These two helms are called, Holy warrior helm and demon warrior helm. the holy warrior is for dark plate, and the holy warrior is for bright plate. The holy warrior is going to be found in the area right after you get off the ghost ship. you get off of the ship and fallow the trail up to the little trail branch in the map. it should be on the left side of the trail. there is gunna be a chest at the end of the trail. the helm is in that.
Now for the other one, you find the demon warrior:
helm in the area where you are about to fight jack for the last time. im not sure of the name but it is the place wer you bring the three souls to open the bronze gates. as soon as you get to the area you go to the door that has the red light and dont go to far and there should be a trail to the left and there is a chest. the demon helm should be in there.
ty for reading this rather than any other sites.

Infinite Silver Keys:
This trick requires a spade. First, take the Hobbe Cave Quest and go to the Rose Cottage. Walk to the circle of flowers near the house. Use your spade and dig up a Silver Key. You can also get 500 gold each time you do this if desired, by cutting the thorns and opening the treasure chest; however, you will get Evil points. Do a hero save, then load the saved game again. You should appear out of the Rose Cottage area. You can repeat this process as much as desired. If you want to get unlimited keys throughout the game, do not finish the quest. You can keep going back and getting the Silver Key.

Infinite strenght points:
When your in borerstone south where the fighting contest is held when every one comes dont start the contest lock on to someone that is not the leader and hit him in the back and back him into a corner. note: he has to be hit in the back if he is not he will block ur attacks and you will not get any points. as u keep hitting him your strength will go up as well as your combat multiplier. and you wont get evil or good points while dooing this.

Lots of money:
If you have a few houses put them up for rent then go to the inn and sleep six times and go collect the money, repeat and you get rich.

Scorpion in the arena:
Before you go into the arena make sure you have plenty of armor points, health potions and the obsedion sord also make sure your life bar is quite big.

You will also need the sharp augmentation and
At least the flame ball and heal life spell

When you kill the stone trolls you go against a giant scorpion but don't panic if you followed my previus instructions this will be easy just keep going round the arena and wisper will start attaking the scorpion just keep throwing the fire balls at it and when it plunges it's stinger into the ground run as far away from the spot you were
standing and carry on.

Special Produce Items:
In your travels you can find special produce items that offer interesting possibilities:

Carrot: 3 Skill experience points multiplied by combat modifier
Crunchy Chicks: 5 Evil points
Fish: 3 Will experience points multiplied by combat modifier
Golden Carrot: Turns night into day instantly
Moonfish: Turns day into night instantly
Red Meat: 3 Combat experience points multiplied by combat modifier
Tofu: 5 Good points

Summun White Balvorine from Nether world
In the Guest where you have to protect the village frome the White Balvorine make sure that you know the will power "Summun" and when you go in to the Witchwood Lake to kill the White Balvorine when he's just about dead summun your creature from the Nether world and let it kill the White Balvorine so then you can summun a White Balvorine from now on. Dont worry the balvorine doesn't give you that much expirience points, so if u don't kill it your not missing much

Unlimited resurection phials:
Go to the heroes guild then go to the shop. if you are good make the trader follow you. if you are evil scare him away or simply push him. make sure you have at least 4 beers. tell him to wait and quickly give him beers. then go back to the shop. ther should be a resurection phial there. then simply save, load and repeat process.