Fable: The Lost Chapters (+10 Trainer)

Fable: The Lost Chapters (+10 Trainer)

Fable: The Lost Chapters (+10 Trainer)

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      (  <_> )  | /|  |
Fable: The Lost Chapters +10 Trainer : Version 1.0 // by w0rf
F1 - Double Gold on Income
	o Whenever you get an type of gold (pick it up, buy something)
	your gold will double what it was before.
F2 - Freeze Gold/Unlimited Gold
	o Will freeze/make your current gold value unlimited so you can
	neither gain nor lose gold.
F3 - +Million to Strength/Skill/Will
	o When you kill with magic, a melee weapon, or arrow it will add
	1,000,000 experience to that pool of which you used.
F4 - Freeze/Unlimited Strength/Skill/Will
	o Will freeze the strength/skill/will EXP pools so you can neither
	gain nor lose experience in those three pools.
F5 - Good Alignment*
	o When this is set, just kill something, anything, and you will turn
	fully good.
F6 - Evil Alignment*
	o When you set this, just kill something, anything, and you will turn
	fully evil.
F7 - Max Renown
	o This will set your renown level all the way.
F8 - Lose an item, gain one more of it.
	o If you have any item, sell it/give it away, and you will see instead
	of you having one less of it, you will have one more of it ^_^
END - Will close the trainer.
* NOTE: When using these options, you may need to kill more than one thing
	if you don't see your alignment change to what you want it to.
I did +10 because I counted the +Million Strength/Skill/Will as +3
but then just counted the freezing option and the rest as a +1.
This is just version 1.0 of the trainer...I will be adding unlimited health,
unlimited mana, those kind of things soon.
To use, just load the trainer, then the game, or vice versa, it doesn't matter.
If you get errors that it cannot find the game, even though the game is open,
then just reload the trainer.

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