Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal Far Cry Primal Far Cry Primal

Preliminary Weapons and Skills:
Resist the temptation of exploring the world until you have played the first few story missions and have gained the preliminary weapons and skills. These include the club, the bow, some XP skills and the first Beast Master Skills.

Setting Enemy Camp Alight:
Keep an eye out for enemy camps and caves that have piles of wood, awnings, and patches of thistle that are used as mats on the floor as these can cause panic if they are set on fire and the enemy is nearby. Just remember before setting the camp alight you are a safe distance away.

Northern Oros:
The harsh cold weather in northern Oros means that you can only survive about five minutes before you freeze to death. This means that when you are exploring the region you must reset the timer before it expires either by sitting in front of the campfires that dot the landscape or by lighting your own fire. The only other alternative which allows you to last 10 minutes is to craft the winter clothing set, if however you purchase the second upgrade for it you will be completely impervious to the cold.

Fast Travel:
Use fast travel to go to your village or any outpost and bonfire that you have claimed as your own. To be able to do this you open up your map and place the cursor over any of the aforementioned places and select the 'Fast Travel' option. You can quickly identify your places by looking for the green square icon with the two arrows.

Fire Bomb:
These bombs will ignite and engulf the area it was thrown into flames. To unlock the ability to craft Fire Bombs you need to capture Izila Fort.

Berserk Bomb:
These bombs will make human enemies lose their mind and attack anyone who is near them without thinkng. To unlock the ability to craft Beserk Bombs you need to capture Udam Fort.

Sting Bomb:
These bombs will unleash a swarm of bees when thrown which will sting the enemy to death. To be able to craft Sting Bombs you must first upgrade the village cavern and get a bee cluster. To do this select the icon of your character's face and go to the upgradeable stones marked for Takkar.

Throwing Bombs:
When you have bombs at your disposal you can throw them by pressing LB (left bumbper), highlight the bomb you want to use and press RB (right bumber) to throw it. If you plan on carrying a bunch of bombs you may want to consider crafting a bomb blelt.

Riding Pets:
To gain the ability to ride pets so you can you move around the land of Oros quickly you must first obtain the Mammoth Rider Skill. Then you need to learn Beast Rider skill so you are able to get a Sabertooth Tiger, a Bloodfang Sabertooth Tiger, or a Brown Bear as a pet. To mount the animal just stand beside it and press X.

Revive Pet:
If your pet is slain in battle you will be able to revive it by using red leaves which can be easily found. This is done by bringing up the control panel, pressing right, and highlighting the dead animal. If done correctly a shiny new replacement pet will then appear. Don't forget to skin the corpse of the last pet.

Take advantage of fire by using it as a weapon against the enemy. Setting a hut on fire with enemies inside so they burn alive or lighting a ring of fire in the grass around where the enemy is camped so you trapped are two ways you can do this.

Retrieve Weapons:
Remember that once a battle is complete you need to retrieve any arrows you fired or weapons you threw. While you are doing this it is always worth searching the dead bodies of your enemies and the ground of the battlefield for anything that may come in useful.

In this game you will discover there is no buying or selling, items such as arrows, spears, and clothing need to be crafted so you will need to scavenge to collect the required resources.

Anying you collect that will not fit into your pack can be placed into your stash which your village and any other places you have captured will have.

Villagers of places you have captured will collect a certain amount of resources for you once a day. The amount of resources they collect will depend on how many you saved.

Animals and humans can see the light of flames so use this to your advantage to take out enemies while they can't see you.

Random Events:
Make sure you keep an eye out for the random events where you save members of the Wenja Tribe as doing them will add to your tribe population and earn you perks and Experience.

20 People Saved:
1 bag of weapon resources and food will be sent to your Reward Stash each day.

40 People Saved:
2 bags of weapon resources and food will be sent to your Reward Stash each day.

60 People Saved:
3 bags of weapon resources and food will be sent to your Reward Stash each day.

70- 300 People Saved:
Receive a +2% XP bonus for every 10 rescued tribespeople.

Rare Animals:
Although hunting at night is a risky proposition there is a higher chance of killing or taming rare animals when the sun is down. You will need to be careful as visibility will be low and animals become more aggressive at night.

High Level Upgrades:
To earn the high level upgrades you will need to hunt for rare skins where your best chance of finding them will be at night.

It takes between 2-4 shots to take down an enemy with weapons that have not been upgraded so look for a headshot whenever possible so you save time and resources.

Taking Over Bonfires:
The best strategy for taking over bonfires is to first send out your owl to scout the area. Then when you have determined where the enemies are use stealth to take out those that have a good vantage point so it makes moving around without being detected easier. Now use your long bow to fire a lighted arrow into the bonfire so it lights up and the enemy converges there to investigate. It's at this point when the enemies are all grouped together that you will be easily be able to pick them off.