FIFA Soccer '96 - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Pause a game enter the options menu and enter on of the following codes. The sound of a click will confirm correct code entry. Exit the options menu and select the resume game option. Press A to display a secret options menu. Some choices require another code to be entered. Press Left or Right to change the various settings.

Invisible walls
Press B B B Z A A A Z. No out of bounds rule.

Curve ball
Press Z A B Z B B.

Crazy ball
Press B A Z B B Z A B.

Super power
Press Z A Z8x.

Super goalie
Press A5x Z5x.

Super offense
Press A5x Z B.

Super defense
Press Z5x B Z.

Press A Z A B A Z. Game proceeds to shootout.

Stupid team
Press A Z B A Z B.

Dream team
Press A A Z Z B B A A.

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