Surgeon Simulator 2 to release in August

Surgeon Simulator 2 is coming in just a few weeks time and introduces new gameplay elements, new characters, new settings, tools, and all of the same wacky gameplay and actions as its prequel. Most crucially, though, it adds cooperative play for up to four players, making for some truly manic surgery experiences. And now it's just a few weeks away from release.

Set to debut on August 27 on the Epic Games Store, Surgeon Simulator 2 will also include a customizable scenario editor, and operating theatre, so you'll be able to tweak the look, feel, and functionality of your surgery space, making you the most efficient team of surgeons you could possibly be.

At least within reason. There's only so much you can do with a floppy hand and laughably inaccurate tools.

Or is there? Because creation mode effectively turns Surgery Simulator 2 into so much more than its base game. It's Garry's Mod, but a little more polished and structured. You'll be able to build just about anything you want in game, as up-to a foursome, as the trailer shows.

If you like the sound of all that then you can get access to the game a little sooner than most. If you pre-order the game on the Epic Games Store, developer Bossa Labs is making it available as part of a closed beta on August 7 running through to August 9, giving you a little taste of what's to come.

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