Forsaken - Various Cheats

Forsaken - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

Enter any of the following "Codes" at any menu:

Code Effect
bubbles Enable Cheats Must be Entered First
thefullmonty Level Select
iamzeus God Mode Full Weapons Unlimited Ammo and Nitro 4 Powerpods 2 Unknown Weapons SPID and THIEF eyeballs
titsoot If You Have Access to the Special Ship Turns on the Adult Textures
lumberjack Missile Toggle
jimbeam Beam Toggle

Hex Cheat

The saved game files are in the SAVEGAME folder under the folder that Forsaken is installed into. The saved game data is in the files h3d SAVExx.SAV where xx is the save slot the game was saved into.

To access any level of the game use a hex editor to change the level h3 which starts in the ninth decimal position of the file. You may have to overwrite the end of a longer level h3 that was there previously with binary zeros. For example Using a level 3 saved game file to skip to level 4 you would write "thermal" then 1 byte of binary zeros to overlay the last byte of "npssp01". Also depending on which level the saved game actually is and which level is desired to be accessed one or more bytes of binary zeros may need to be added or deleted from the end of the level h3 entered. For instance when "capship" was written over "fedbankv" one byte of binary zeros had to be added for a total of two bytes of binary zeros before the level would load. The following lists the level h3s of the game:

1 vol2
2 asubchb
3 npssp01
4 thermal
5 fedbankv
6 pship
7 spcsp01
8 biosphere
9 nukerf
10 capship
11 space
12 high
13 military
14 aztsp01 last regular level
15 azchb secret level?