Freelancer - Make Game Super Easy

Freelancer - Make Game Super Easy

Make Game Super Easy

Backup file before changing

Open PerfOptions.ini file located in your Freelancer game folder with notepad or a similar text editor and change the following line:




Earn Money

If you have completed some part of the game and have the Dublin System opened you have to have access to Battleship Hood then you can earn money like breathe air.
All you have to do is get a load of Customer Goods in Manhattan NY and then transport them to the Battleship Hood. Then you take a load of gold and go to New London that's on the way back so don't worry. In New London you sell the gold and stuff your cargo with Luxury Food. The difference in price for the Luxury Food in New London and Manhattan is 1000 so i think it is worth to deliver.

Find Hidden jumps and bases

When you are looking for hidden jump holes to other systems, turn on your Nav Map, then select the "Show Patrols" map. The lines that appear show popular paths that the AI ships use. Almost any path that stretches out beyond the normal trade-lane traffic of a star system will lead to a hidden starport or even a hidden jump hole. Fly out to where the line leads to and turn on the "Solars" option on your targeting computer. You will usually find a place of interest. However, in places with reduced sensor ranges you will probably have to rely on visually looking for something. Also, to find all the paths, make sure to look at the "neutral", "hostile" and "friendly" paths in the patrol paths map. Be wary of stumbling upon an enemy's base.

Pirate Base demo

There is a pirate base located in the badlands in the New York Sector. Here's a way to slim down your search.

Take the Norfolk Shipyard>>Texas Jumpgate route to the Texas Jumpgate. From there, head into the Badlands watch out for the Outcasts that spawn here Now, keep your search confined to the areas of E6 and E7.

Now, keep the "ALL" filter selected on your target list. When you get close enough to it "Buffalo Base" will appear in the list. Don't even attempt to go to it yet, get to the closest base you can and save.

You will notice that under normal conditions the base is hostile highlighted in red, and therefore you cannot dock with it. However, if you can manage to kill off 50 Bounty Hunters/Liberty Navy/Liberty Police, you can slowly convert the base to allow you to dock...and enjoy the splendors within. :

I recommend killing the bounty hunters, as you usually get 5 in a group, whereas the police and navy usually massacre you with huge numbers

Hidden Jump gate

This is a nifty little trick.
First get the PerfOptions cheat on at 0.00 then fly into ZONE 21, and search g5 for a jumpgate. I don't know if the nav map will find it so you will have to find it visually. I did.Note - the jumpgate is to the Alaska System, i don't know what is in the system because i have the trial version :

No wait for Jump Gates

When you try to enter a jump gate and someone else is in front of you, just enter a formation with the person heading in and there is no line, although you do lose the formation and slide sideways right before going in it works.

Making a lot of money easily

First you have to buy a good reputation towards Corsairs: you could find a hacker in Omega 7. Then reach Omicron Gamma to find the jumpgate use the trick of the "Patrols Lines". Land on planet Crete and take a load of artifacts. Fly to planet New Berlin, flying trough Omicron Theta, Sigma 17 and Sigma 13 the Omicron Theta's jumpgate is in the sector 3d; for the others use the "Patrols Lines" trick. Sell all the artifacts on planet New Berlin and take a load of light arms. Return to Omicron Gamma and sell the light arms on Tripoli Shipyard. It's really a gold route

Cool Guns, and Lv up

message: Once you have killed the "nomads" and finished the game sort of. Go to "sigmar 13" its a border world check your nav map and you should see some small red "X"s these are abandoned ships. shoot them with your weakest weapon and you will get up a level and get a cool Lv10 gun. don't shoot them with a powerful weapon or youll destroy them. Don't worry about your rep the ships don't belong to any one.

Loads of cash FAST

Here's the deal guys:

1. go to 'Planet Kyushu'in the Kyushu System with a 'Humpback'Ship or another Cargo ship.
2. Buy as much 'Niobium' 250 with Humpback - roughly 100.000 at 415 each
3. Fly to 'Leipzig Station' in the 'Dresden' System Note - you must have defeated the nomads to get to Dresden
4. At Leipsig Station sell al the Niobium for 1600 each making a profit of roughly 300.000

The only bad part is that it takes quite a while to get from Kyushu to Leipzig, but in my opinion it is well worth the trip. Also the trip is faster if you take some 'Wormholes' or whatever they are called. there are only 2 which i know of that will make your trip faster.

Hidden System

This hint should only be attempted by high level pilots. First, fly to the Ommicron Gamma system. This system is completely controlled by the Corsairs, and contains their home planet, so be wary. First enter omega 3 by whatever system is available first - cambridge or omega 7.once in omega 3 find the omega 5 jump hole in sector omega 5 find the omega 41 jump hole in sector omega 41 there will be a jump hole titled "Unknown Jumphole" in sector 2f go through it.

when in the unknown system there are two planets.1Primus in sector 5C this is controlled by monkeys2Gammu in sector 6F this is controlled by robots.

Cheap ship

The "Anubis" class Order Very Heavy Fighter is easily one of the hardest vehicles in the game, and the best bit is that its DIRT CHEAP

To get it, just follow the game storyline. During the mission which will make you Level 18, you will use a jump hole, and come face to face with the Rheinland flagship, which you have zero hope of beating, really. lucky for you, another ship decloaks and orders you to get aboard. this ship is the Order flagship, the Osiris.

On board the Osiris, you can buy Order equipment, including the Anubis fighter, which is far and away the best ship class you can get until you are level 24, and it only costs 1,100 credits.

There are better ships, but you need to be level 24 to get those.

Easy Money

for no-hassle money, just head for the Colorado system.

The asteroid field between the New York jump gate and Pueblo station is classed as a mineable zone. Fly in there, park your ship in an empty patch of space, and start shooting all the small rocks that come by.

Every so often, one of the asteroids you blow up will drop a chunk of silver. Tractor it aboard, and you have silver that you never paid for.

It's best to use a single weapon for this. if you have more than one weapon on your ship, then different projectiles travel at different speeds, which means you may blow up a rock, and then blow up the silver that comes out of it as well, which is very annoying.

having procured as much silver as you want, sell it at a MASSIVE profit. Early on in the game, the best place to sell silver is California Minor. Later on, if you have the time, you should sell it in New Tokyo for more than 1,000 credits per unit.

Be warned that the silver is rare, and you'll spend a lot of time not getting anything from it, but if your patient enough, it does work, and you make big bucks.

This technique works with any asteroid field classed as a mineable zone. You can get silver, copper, water, and all sorts.

Surviving fights

Asteroids and space stations are invulnerable. It doesn't matter what you hit them with, they'll just soak it all up. Try using spcae stations and asteroid fields as cover to hide from the lasers until your shields restore themselves.