Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - F7

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - F7
Effect Code
Debug mode; press [F7] to disable harrydebugmodeon
Unknown harrysuperkoresh
Restores health harrygetsfullhealth
Super jumps harrysuperjump
Big jumps harrynormaljump
15 beans harrytriggercheat
Invisibility harrykoresh
Silent walking1 harrykorwalk

1. This code is useful when avoiding Filch and Mrs. Norris.

Level select

Enable the harrydebugmodeon code, then return to the main menu.

Hint: Hidden items

During broomstick training fly directly at the Hogwarts seal. You will enter a secret room and find four Bertie Botts every flavor beans and a Wizard Card. The beans will be quite old seeing no one has found the room since 1867.When you are entering for the Incendeo lesson, look for an iron chest go near it. Enable the harrynormaljump code, Then cast magic on the statues. They will present you a magic card. Then, come back for your lesson.After learning the Alohamora spell, when you enter the room with Hermione for the test, cast the spell on the statue to get a bean and open a secret room with a magic card. When you first enter the garden after defeating Malfoy, finish talking with Hagrid the look for a fountain. It will be on the right side of you. Cast a spell on it to open a secret room behind it. Collect everything in the room, then cast the spell again to close the room.

Hint: Defeating Malfoy

When you are chasing Malfoy in Remembrel Chase, speed up your broom stick. Try to keep Harry ahead of Malfoy so that Malfoy chases Harry, When he tries to go ahead, collide with him. Do this repeatedly until Malfoy loses all his health. You can do this trick when you are chasing Key and playing a Quidditch Match.

Hint: Defeating Voldemort

Go behind a pillar, and when it rocks, cast a Flipendo spell on it. If timed correctly, it will fall on him. Keep doing this and when all the pillars have been used, use the Flipendo spell to direct it into his green spell and it will backfire. Go behind the broken side of the mirror and when he tries to hit you, it will sometimes hit the cracks and backfires.

The pillars in the room that you battle Voldemort in rock slightly to the left. Hide behind the pillars slightly to the left and wait for him stop casting his first round of spells. If you must, while you are waiting, give him full health. He will then walk over to the left. Wait for him to start casting his spells, then use your Flipendo. It should hit him every time. Note: Once you hit him with about four of them, the final ones will explode.

Hint: Avoid fighting Malfoy or Peeves

When you are near the locations that you have to fight them, use the harrysuperjump code. He will go out the door if you are at the location where Malfoy is at, or he will get the chocolate frog and you can just keep walking in both locations.

Hint: Jump through trees

in the caves/forest where you have to knock over the tree near the waterfall, enable the harrysuperjump code on the place you are standing and you will jump through the trees

Hint: Skip potions

To skip the potions part altogether, simply step in the doorway and enable the harrysuperjump code. You will get almost all the way to the doorway. There will be no dialogue and no fire in the doorway -- simply walk through.

Hint: Find characters for scenes

If you are at the place where Ron, Malfoy, his friends, and Nevil Longbottom are but they did not appear, use the harrysuperjump code. He will jump past the location. Turn around to see Malfoy, Ron, Nevil and Malfoys friends just standing there but not talking. You may also see Professor Magonigil over by the way to Hagrid's hut. However, do not go in the forest. Use the harrysuperjump code then turn around and she will be standing there, but also will not talk

Hint: More house points

Enable the harrydebugmodeon code, then go to the main menu. Click on "Level Select", then complete an easy level such as Flying Lessons to get more points

Hint: Invisible Voldemort

This trick only works for a certain amount of time. When you are at the location immediately before you have to fight Voldemort, use the harrysuperjump code to land on top of the roof. When you jump down on the right, you can walk of near the mirror and he will start talking to you. When he says "Die Potter", you will walk back and he will then walk back to the mirror and continue correctly.

Hint: Scatter potions

When you get to the potions, hold [Space] during the entire dialogue and the potion shuffle. The potions will scatter.

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