Ion Fury

Ion Fury

Cheat codes:
To use cheat codes in Ion Fury go to the Options menu, then Cheats, then Enter Cheat Code and add in the codes below. You can start a new game, or load up a save file, and go to the Cheats menu again and toggle the cheats on or off as you see fit. You will get a message on-screen confirming when a cheat is working.

IMLOST - Reveals the full map.
IMAFK - Gives all weapons, ammo, keys, etc.
IMGOD - God Mode, so basic immortality
IMFREE - Turns off clipping allowing you to walk through walls.
IMREALBUILDER - Show the debug data.
IMD4N - Combines IMAFK and IMGOD.

Pressing shift and tilde gives you access to the games console, and allows you to warp between levels. By typing the below command for levels 1 through 5.

changelevel 3 1
changelevel 3 2
changelevel 3 3
changelevel 3 4
changelevel 3 5

Alternative Way:

All Ion Fury Cheats:

add this to settings.cfg:
cl_cheatmask -1
paste it in front of wchoice at end of file
"C:Users{username}AppDataRoamingIon Furysettings.cfg"

Solve Loneliness
Toggle God Mode
Give Everything
Toggle Flying
Toggle Show All Map
Toggle Clipping
Pause AI
Feel the Payne
Break the Map
Toggle Debug Data Dump