Jets'n'Guns Gold


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Game Cheats:

Cheat Console:
During gameplay press the '~' (tilde) key to access the cheat console and then type in the following codes without the quotes to enable their effect in the game (some codes will have to be entered again when you begin a new level). The game will label your pilot a cheater if any codes are used.

Complete Current Stage:
Type 'veni_vidi_vici Instantly'.

Type 'arnold_for_president 1'.

4x Weapon Damage:
Type 'power_to_the_people 1'.

Increases Money by 'X' Amount:
Type 'richman x'.

Ship has infinite cooling
Type 'keep_cool 1'.

Unlock Armagedonator Weapon:
This weapon becomes available when you complete 3 levels of difficulty in-a-row.

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