Lego Racers - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Code Effect
NWHLS No Wheels Car
NCHSSS No Chassis
NDRVR No Driver
NSLWJ Maintain Speed off Track
LNFRRRM Reversed Rocket Racer Run Track
PGLLRD Shooter Attacking PowerUps Only
PGLLGRN Turbo PowerUps Only
PGLLYLL Mine PowerUps Only
RPCRNLY Grapple PowerUps Only
MXPMX PowerUps Always at Max
NMRCHTS Disable All Cheats

Extra boost at the start line

As it says 3 2 1 go press accelerate just after 1 and just before GO to get an extra boost.

dark forest dash shortcut

On the 4th turn look for a grey rock against the wall and turn right when you pass it

alien rally asteroid shortcut

get a red power up and race until you see a giant machine that shoots you with the same attack that you can get with a red power up and 2 white power ups. pass it and go in the tunnel. on the first turn shoot the opposite wall and it will open there you can get lots of white power ups and a green one.

magma moon marathon shortcuts

FIRST SHORTCUT:first get a blue power up. once you get out of the cave area and pass the craters use it and you will see a section of the wall is blinking if you run through it there is a shortcut.
SECOND SHORTCUT: ONce you pass the lights that you drive under you will see a dome, next to the dome is a screen with three colored areas either red or blue. whatever the order of the colored areas is you go under the matching light. For instance, if the three colored areas showed red,red,blue then you would go under the red light then the red light again and then the blue light and the dome will open, revealing a shortcut

desert adventure dragway

FIRST SHORTCUT:first get a red power up and then take 2 turns and there is a panel against the wall with 2 egyptian pharohs on it. shoot the panel and it will open a shortcut
SECOND SHORTCUT:from the start of the race, take 4 turns and against the wall is 2 paintings of skeleton heads. Shoot the space between them and a shortcut will open

tribal island trail

FIRST SHORTCUT: take 2 turns and there will be 2 tribal statues. behind the second one is a shortcut
SECOND SHORTCUT:as soon as you enter the cave area turn left and there is a shortcut.

royal knights raceway

take 2 turns and there is a waterfall. Right before you pass it turn right and there is a shortcut

ice planet pathway shortcut

FIRST SHORTCUT:take 6 turns and on the left there is a shortcut.
SECOND SHORTCUT:WHEN YOU FALL FROM THAT SHORTCUT THERE IS A SHARP TURN THAT ANNOYS ME BUT YOU CAN AVOID IT by turning left right before the ice formationfrom the ceiling to the floor

Amazon adventure alley shortcut

at the start of the race there is a waterfall. drive through it and there is a shortcut

nightmare athon glitch

make 7 turns until u are on the large bridge when u get to the end of the bridge turn right and drive into the corner in between the fence and the wall there you will be floating without any ground

pirate skull pass shortcut

take 13 turns and right before the 14th turn take a sharp right and there is a shortcut.

rocket racer run shortcut

get a red power up and take 5 turns until u reach 2 arrows that are pointing in different directions. shoot right below them to open a shortcut.

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