Mafia - Easy Money

Mafia - Easy Money

Easy Money

Put in a negative number at the casino and loose its that easy.

Get Free Ride Extreme Mode

Finish the Game 1 time. This mode has no police and new cars

God Mode and Guns'n Ammo

Press Shift while playing, then type these codes:

Guns'n Ammo - DEADGUNS

Unlimited Fuel - LAPTOP
Unlimited Life - GAMER
Unlimited Time - TOMMY
Never Blow Cars - BOOM
Unlimited Anno - AMMO
2000000$ Cash - MONEY


Stuck on mission 1? use your map and go to the gas station, let the gangsters come in on the left side as they always do so they hit the gas pump then drive away as fast as you can because their car is going to blow up and kill every one at the pump