Mafia - Race Mode

Mafia - Race Mode

Race Mode

Successfully complete all missions in story mode.

Free Ride Mode Cars

Simply break into a car during story mode to unlock it in Free Ride mode.

Bigfoot Truck in Free Ride Mode

Win first place in all races in racing championship mode.

Car Selection in Free Ride Mode

As soon as you enter free ride mode, you will start in a car with a reddish gate directly behind you. Drive forward so that you are in the street, then reverse right back to the location you started. A car selection screen will appear, and you can select any unlocked car.

Get Easy Money

1. Kill the men in the all black suits with the black hat gangsters to earn 500 per death.
2. Go into the country and speed in a fast car.
3. Blow up cars for 100 each.
4. Drive taxis to earn money.