Mafia III


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Unlock Screaming Zemi:
This throwable item is unlocked when you have completed the first Racket mission of the game which involves killing Merle Jackson and taking over his nightclub. You can also purchase Screaming Zemis from the Arms Dealer Associate via the weapon wheel.

Easy 'Bon Appétit!' Achievement:
Alligators can be found in the rivers of the Bayou area which is located south of the map. If you stop a car on the road and shoot the civilian inside and then drop their body in the water near an alligator you will get the 'Bon Appétit!' Achievement.

Avoid Losing Money:
You have to manually store the money you earn inside the safe. It is advised that before you go on a mission where you may die that you visit the safe to store your money so you avoid losing half of the money in your wallet if you die.

New Weapons:
On November 6th 2016, 30 days after the game has launched everyone will get the 'Judge, Jury and Executioner' golden weapons pack which includes:

Judge 'The Praecisione' .30 Rifle

Jury 'The Exterminatore' Shotgun

Executioner 'The Silentium' Pistol

Pre-Order Bonuses

The pre-order bonuses are exclusive cars and weapons that are available free at launch for pre-orders.

Vito Scaletta's Kick-Back
'Classic Tools of the Trade' includes:

Trench 1938 Submachine gun

Smith Moray MX100

Cassandra's Kick-Back
'Lethal, just like the Voodoo Queen' includes:

Camo Sniper rifle

Lassiter Leopard

Burke's Kick-Back
'If it'll stop a Gator it'll stop a Man' includes:

Gator Shotgun

Berkeley Stallion

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