Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

All suits:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume:

Animated Suit
How To Unlock: Reach Level 7.
Suit Mod: Stronger Webs – Enemies take longer to break out of webs.

Bodega Cat Suit
How To Unlock: Successfully complete the "Cat's Pajamas" mission. It becomes unlocked after completing the main story.
Suit Mod: None.

Brooklyn Visions Academy Suit
How To Unlock: Reach Level 8. It can be purchased after completing the "Time To Rally" mission.
Suit Mod: Trick Master – Gain bonus Venom power for performing Air Tricks.

Classic Suit
How To Unlock: Successfully complete the "Time To Rally" mission (early in the game).
Suit Mod: Zap Slap – Creates a concussive force when Underground weapons are shattered.

Crimson Cowl Suit
How To Unlock: Reach Level 9.
Suit Mod: Ghost Strike – Enemies can no longer hear Web-Strike Takedowns while Camouflaged.

Great Responsibility Suit
How To Unlock: Successfully complete the "Parting Gift" mission (early in the story).
Suit Mod: None.

Homemade Suit
How To Unlock: Reach Level 5.
Suit Mod: Power Pitcher – Increases the damage of thrown objects.

Into The Spider-Verse Suit
How To Unlock: Reach Level 13.
Suit Mod: Bam! Pow! Wham! – Use this mod to peer into the Spider-Verse and visualize combat sound effects as they appear on a different Earth. Vibe The Verse – Use this mod to leap into the Spider-Verse and cause the attached suit to mimic the aesthetic of a different Earth.

Miles Morales 2020 Suit
How To Unlock: Complete all of Peter Parker's Spider Challenges, then finish the final test.
Suit Mod: None.

Miles Morales 2099 Suit
How To Unlock: Reach Level 12.
Suit Mod: Venom Suppression Resistance – Reduces the length of Roxxon Venom Suppression. Activate Camouflage to instantly remove Roxxan bolas.

Programmable Matter Suit
How To Unlock: Successfully complete all Underground lairs and Roxxon labs, then complete the side quest that is unlocked.
Suit Mod: None.

Purple Reign Suit
How To Unlock: Successfully complete all Sound collectibles, and visit the Prowler's lair in the side quest that is unlocked.
Suit Mod: Reclaimer – Replenishes 1 gadget ammo when performing a melee Stealth Takedown on an enemy.

S.T.R.I.K.E. Suit
How To Unlock: Reach Level 10.
Suit Mod: Venom Overclock – Venom Power generation increases as health drops.

Spider-Training Suit
How To Unlock: Start New Game+.
Suit Mod: Power Transfer – Turn off Camouflage to transfer a portion of the unused Camouflage Energy to Venom Power.

The End Suit
How To Unlock: Reach Level 11.
Suit Mod: Steady Focus.

T.R.A.C.K. Suit
How To Unlock: Reach Level 6.
Suit Mod: Untrackable – Reduce damage from ranged attacks by 25%.

Uptown Pride Suit
How To Unlock: Successfully complete all Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app quests.
Suit Mod: None.

Winter Suit
How To Unlock: Successfully complete all Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app quests, then complete the "We've Got A Lead" side quest to unlock it.
Suit Mod: None.

Easy "Best Fries In Town" trophy
In the Upper West Side district, there is a Stan Lee statue you can interact with (press Triangle) and get the "Best Fries In Town" trophy. You can scan for it by pressing R3 when nearby. This is a reference to Stan Lee (Easter Egg). In the 2018 Spider-Man, he had a restaurant called Mick's Diner where Peter and MJ were regular guests. This pays tribute to Stan Lee.

Easy "Competitive Spirit" trophy
During one of the last story missions, "Like Real Scientists," there will be a flashback with Miles and Phin at Oscorp Science Center when they were teenagers. In the second exhibition hall (after the aquarium), on the left side, you can start the Rocket Launch mini-game. You need to hit Square faster than Phin to win and get the "Competitive Spirit" trophy. You can retry it as many times as desired.

Easy "I'm On A Boat" trophy
There is a fishing boat at the southernmost docks of the Chinatown district. It also has a Time Capsule collectible on it. Simply jump to this boat to get the "I'm On A Boat" trophy.

Easy "Like A Rhino In A China Shop" trophy
During the first story mission, you will ride on Rhino in a shopping mall (automatic story part). Steer the Rhino into any 15 breakable objects to get the "Like A Rhino In A China Shop" trophy. Small things like windows and tables count as well.

Easy "Never Give Up" trophy
This trophy requires you to find and interact with Miles' father's grave. It is located in the cemetery in the northernmost point of the map (Harlem district). You can scan for it with R3 to see a yellow outline around the correct grave. It is near the northwest corner of the cemetery. Interact with it (press Triangle) to get the "Never Give Up" trophy. Note: In some cases, pressing Triangle does not trigger the sequence where Miles pays his respects. If this happens, exit the cemetery and return. You can do it from the start of the story (no story progress needed).

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:
Be Yourself (Platinum): Collect all trophies.
Just the Beginning (Gold): Unlock all Skills.
A New Home (Gold): 100% complete all districts.
Urban Explorers (Silver): Collect all Time Capsules.
Memory Lane (Silver): Collect all Postcards.
Salvager (Silver): Open all Underground Caches.
Ready for Anything (Silver): Purchase all suits.
Never Saw It Coming (Silver): Complete an Enemy Base without being detected.
100x Combo!!! (Silver): Perform a 100x Combo.
Kitbash (Bronze): Craft 10 Upgrades.
From the Rafters (Bronze): Perform 25 Ceiling Takedowns.
Climbing the Walls (Bronze): Perform 25 Wall Takedowns.
Invisible Spider (Bronze): Defeat 50 enemies while Camouflaged.
Overcharge (Bronze): Defeat 100 enemies with Venom attacks.
Up and Over (Bronze): Perform a Venom Jump, then a Venom Dash on a single enemy.
From Downtown (Bronze): Use Venom Dash to throw an enemy into a group of three or more.
Like a Rhino In A China Shop (Bronze): Smash into 15 breakable objects while steering Rhino through the shopping mall.
Best Fries in Town (Bronze): Pay your respects to a legend in the Upper West Side.
JJJ Would Be Proud (Bronze): Apply a sticker and customize lighting while in Photo Mode.
Trapped (Bronze): Defeat 50 enemies with Remote Mine gadget.
Five Star Review (Bronze): Complete all FNSM app requests.
Mod that Suit (Bronze): Craft a Suit Mod.
Look with Better Eyes (Bronze): Craft a Visor Mod.
Never Give Up (Bronze): Pay respects at Jefferson Davis' grave in Harlem.
Crime Master (Bronze): Complete all Bonus Objectives for every crime type.
Nowhere to Hide (Bronze): Perform 100 Stealth Takedowns.
I'm On A Boat (Bronze): Ride the derelict boat in southern Chinatown.
Socially Acceptable (Bronze): Scroll through the entire Social Feed at the end of the story.
Plus Plus (Bronze): Complete the game on New Game+.

Additionally, there are 21 secret trophies:
Under Their Noses (Silver): Shut down all Roxxon Labs.
Underground Undone (Silver): Shut down all Underground Hideouts.
Come at the King (Silver): Unravel a criminal conspiracy in Harlem.
Launch, Swing and Dive (Bronze): Get Spectacular or better in a Spider-Training Traversal Challenge.
Punching Pixels (Bronze): Get Spectacular or better in a Spider-Training Combat Challenge.
Dodging Light (Bronze): Get Spectacular or better in a Spider-Training Stealth Challenge.
Spider-Training: Complete (Bronze): Complete every Spider-Training Challenge once.
Pete's First Villain (Bronze): Complete the Final Test.
Rhino Rodeo (Bronze): Ride Rhino through the mall.
Deep Cuts (Silver): Collect all Sound Samples and recreate the Davis Brothers Mix.
Hanging By A Thread (Bronze): Keep the bridge together.
The Core of the Problem (Bronze): Investigate Roxxon's underground lab.
True Deception (Bronze): Complete the vault sequence in Underground Undercover.
The Harlem Express (Bronze): Get the trains running again.
Veloci-Skates (Bronze): Chase Tinkerer through the city.
Shared History (Bronze): Walk through Miles and Phin's past.
Exploding Bulldozer (Bronze): Defeat Roxxon Rhino.
Family Drama (Bronze): Defeat Prowler.
Ultimate Sacrifice (Bronze): Save Harlem.
Competitive Spirit (Bronze): Beat Phin at the rocket launch mini-game.
A Gift From Pete (Bronze): Receive the Gift Suit.