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Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
Specialist (Bronze): Reach Level 7.
Sergeant Major of the Army (Bronze): Reach Level 40.
Master of Mass Destruction (Bronze): Win one match of each game type in every map.
Raining Shrapnel (Bronze): Kill 4 enemies with a frag grenade thrown with the grenade launcher.
Billy the Kid (Bronze): Make 100 head shots (any game type).
Alexander the Great (Bronze): Capture a total of 100 territories in Domination.
Welcome to the Family (Bronze): Win a match (any game types).
The Ghost Avenger (Bronze): Take over a CPU and kill your assassin 10 times (offline only).
Insane Sharpshooter (Bronze): Eliminate 300 enemies only with sniper rifles (any game types).
Heavy Counter (Bronze): Perform a multi-kill with a grenade 3 times (any game types).
Legendary Gunslinger (Bronze): Perform at least one killing spree on all maps.
Team Savior (Bronze): As the Team Leader, escape 10 times.
Ultimate Team Player (Bronze): Get 500 kill assists (any game types).
Stop Poking Me! (Bronze): Successfully knife 50 enemies (any game types).
War Veteran (Bronze): Eliminate 100 enemies (any game types).
Death Bringer (Bronze): Eliminate 1000 enemies (any game types).
Dominating (Bronze): Capture a total of 150 territories in Domination.
Priceless (Bronze): Head shot an objective carrier 10 times.
Hope Buster (Bronze): Defuse a bomb or deactivate a missile 10 times.
Supreme Commander (Silver): Reach Level 72.

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