StarCraft: Ghost Axed - Goes Next-Gen

StarCraft: Ghost Axed - Goes Next-Gen StarCraft: Ghost Axed - Goes Next-Gen

Blizzard has put StarCraft Ghost out of its misery by announcing that the project has been indefinitely postponed in order to examine the potential of a next-generation version of the game.

The news is really the natural conclusion for a game that has been through all sorts of problems during its development. These problems have led to constant delays which have placed the game right in the middle of the next-generation onslaught. Considering that the developer could most probably not meet any realistic release timeline for the current generation of consoles, the statement follows a predictable course and mentions the possibility of a next-gen appearance at some point.

Blizzard President and co-founder Mike Morhaime claims that the company has been impressed with the potential of X360 and PS3 and the current technological advances they support and has decided to review the future of StarCraft: Ghost. In addition to allowing us to determine the best course for StarCraft: Ghost, this review period will help us lay the groundwork for our future console games, he added.

Considering that Blizzard has stuck with StarCraft: Ghost through delays, the game was announced in 2002, changes of developer, Swingin' Ape Studios (now owned by Blizzard) took over from Nihilistic Software in July 2004, and fan anger, expressed at various Blizzcons, we have to admit that the appearance of some StarCraft title on consoles will eventually happen. It just now seems that it will take much longer than we had initially expected.