Monster Train

Monster Train

Guide to Getting The Ragtag Bunch and Only Determination Achievements

First off, it's best to do this without any covenant since it will make it much
easier to accomplish. Additionally, I made sure to use the starting combination
of "Awoken" with "Hellhorned" although the cards you'll be primarily using is
just from "Awokened".

The Achievements:
The Ragtag Bunch: Win a run with 10 or fewer cards at the end of the run.
Only Determination: Win a run without collecting any artifacts.

You can easily achieve both of these with this deck I thought of.

The Deck:
- Means Vital to the deck.

Champion: The Sentient [Explosive III].
Animus of Will: [Any buffs but primarily in attack].
Train Steward: [Any Buffs but largestone, major refraction etc. are good].
Restore: (x3-5) [ Try to get Emberstone on a few of these].
Spreading Spores: [Emberstone x2].
Cycle of Life: (x1-2) [Emberstone with any other buffs].

The idea here is that you solely rely on your Champion to kill everything. With
Explosive I,II,III, whenever you restore health (even at full), you deal 15,30,60 damage. Combo this with regenerate and you deal an additional 15,30,60 damage at the end of a turn for a whopping 120 DMG.

Behind your champion, you want something that deals massive damage just to speed things up. So certain Hellhorned units can be replaced for Animus of Will but it depends on what you get early on.

The most important card in this deck is Spreading Spores. Being able to apply x2 spikes/ x2 regen on a monster isn't that powerful but the card allows you to
shuffle a copy of it into your discard pile allowing you to get multiple copies
of it at 0 EMBER!! So just spam this card onto your champion and it'll just be an unkillable tank.

Note: This allows you to even counter the last boss' strategy of each spell played on the first turn having consume.

You'll want to mill often and spending gold to remove cards is perfectly fine!
This is why this strategy works well with the Only Determination Achievement. You spend less money on buffing units or buying artifacts and you practically reject new cards so you get an extra bit of gold doing that as well.

Tech Cards:
Invigorating Solution: (Consume) Draw +3 next turn.

This card can be especially helpful since drawing is practically all you need
with this deck. The more you draw, the better. Make sure to remove the consume
if you can and bring the cost back down to 1 ember. You can substitute a copy of Cycle of Life for this card.

Restoration Detonation: Restore 10 health to a friendly unit. Deal damage to the
front enemy equal to 5x the amount healed.

Just a good card to have. Although not as good as a bunch of 0 cost restores.

Focused Growth: Restore 25 health. Draw +2 next turn.

Same as Invigorating Solution listed above. It's this one or the other. Not a fan of this one cause you have to get the cost down and your champion is at max health almost every turn but the draw is nice if you do not get Invigorating Solution.