Mortal Kombat 2


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Unlock Options Menu:
The 'Options' menu is accessed at the 'Copyright' screen by typing the case sensitive password 'AICULEDSSUL' (without the quotes) and then pressing F9. If you have entered the password correctly you will hear a chime as confirmation.

Debug Mode:
Enter the 'Options' menu by pressing F10 at one of the logo screens. Then, type 'DIP' (case-sensitive without the quotes) to display the debug switch menu. Activate the corresponding DIP switch to activate the corresponding effect.

Switch 1:
Toggle blood

Switch 2:
Toggle sound

Switch 3:
Toggle comic book offer

Switch 4:
Toggle fatalities

Switch 5:
Toggle unlimited credits

Switch 8:
Toggle voice

Fight Jade:
Reach the match before the mystery fight (the one titled '?') and during this battle defeat your opponent using nothing but low kicks. If you complete this task you will fight Jade in the next battle.

Unlimited Credits:
Wait until the countdown at the 'Continue' screen begins. Press to start a 2-Player game and then press F1 while in the 2-Player menu. When you now defeat the player two you will continue the game at the place you left off without losing a credit.

Fight Smoke:
Press 'Down' + 'Start' on the Bridge stage when Dan says 'Toasty!' to fight Smoke.

Fight Noob Saibot:
Get 50 consecutive wins in a row to fight Noob Saibot.

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