NASCAR 2001 - Demolition Derby

NASCAR 2001 - Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby

Go to single race and select any track I would prefer Daytona Then select any driver. After that put Damage on limited and put race length to 100. You can either race in happy hour or the actual race. Go either the wrong way or the right way I would prefer the wrong way so you can hit the cars head on When your car gets flipped over then it will say "hit gas to reset" X. HAVE FUN

Unlock EA Sports Car

Win the Road Course Challenge

Unlock Black Exotic Car

Win the Half-Season

Unlock Black Classic Car

Win the Short Track Challenge

Treasure Island Track

Win the full season set to veteran difficulty??

Unlock EA Dot Com Car

Win the Superspeedway Shootout in either Vetren or Legend

Get in front of the pace car

To get in front of the pace car, you must set the pit mode to normal and yellow flags on, go to the track and cause a yellow, when the yellow flag comes out, pit, but hit abort when entering the pits and if it does not work, pit again if you are in the back of the field you will not get in front of the pace car, but you will gain some positions. I was in 11th on Darlington and aborted the pit under yellow and I advanced to 4th place. when the screen came up again I submitted YES and aborted the pits and got in front of the pace car , the computer caught me up to the back of the field, so I could lap them to take the win works with any car on any track, but be careful sometimes they hold you in pit lane.

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