NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19

Game Cheats:
Locker Codes / Free VC Points:
VC codes are 20 mixed numbers and alphabets that are realised by 2k, they are
just tokens or in-game currency, they can be used to help you win matches
because they help the players on your team to be faster, pass better, have a
more accurate shot and a lot of other stuff which will help you win the game
very easy.


Locker Codes can only be obtained outside the game. In a way, 2K Sports
encourages players to follow their Twitter accounts to obtain Locker Codes.
The codes are usually given away on the official NBA 2K19 Twitter

How to Fix NBA 2K19 Performance Issues / Lag / Low FPS:
If you are having NBA 2K19 performance issues, lag issues or low FPS, you are
not alone. Many users have reported about the same problems. Let’s see what
can be done to make our gaming experience better. A solution is to make sure
the dedicated GPU is being used and not the integrated graphic card. If not,
then below are the steps to do it.

Open NVIDIA control panel.
Go to desktop and then display GPU activity icon in notification area.
Now observe the black chip image in the taskbar, which if turns rainbow,
signifies that NVIDIA GPU is running.
Now on the blank space of the desktop, right click and select NVIDIA
control panel to manually switch between two graphics under the option
manage 3D settings -> preferred graphics processor.

Tips & Tricks:
At First, Putting Players In Their Right Positions Is Everything.
For those who are also NBA fans, you can’t expect to get good results if you
play Kristaps Porzingis at point guard, or if you’re starting Stephen Curry
at center. In other words, you should be mindful of each player’s preferred
position, and make sure you’re assigning them to that position. Doing so would
give you a nice statistical boost that could maybe even turn the tide in a game,
and you can also benefit from additional energy if you’re playing playoff
matches. Those positions are there for a reason. Don’t overlook this aspect
of My NBA 2K19, especially in the early goings.

The secret to winning a game in NBA 2K19 is to not ball hog, just pass the
ball around until there’s an opening and push for it and call for the pass.
You are guaranteed a easy dunk or layup.

The most important thing to do in NBA 2K19 when it comes to earning VC is
to not spend it on clothing, hair, or tattoos. The best thing to do in this
situation is to spend it all on upgrading your character in all areas.

Defending and blocking can sometimes be tricky if you don’t know how to
do it right. The proper way to defend is to not spam the steal or block/jump
button too early or too many times, because you can cause a foul and two easy
freethrows for the attacking team. The right way is to stay up close to them
and jump when they’re starting to jump, usually if you’re the same height as
the shooter you can block the shot, but if you foul him it’s usually for the
best and you’ll receive a good foul.

Stamina can be an issue in NBA 2K19 if you have a really long play time (or
if you set the game time to 12 minutes each quarter), the best thing to do is
to call a timeout (depends on what you use the button will always be different,
check the keybindings for instructions). When you call a timeout, you’ll be
put onto the bench for a while, your stamina will regenerate and you’ll be
set for the rest of the match/quarter.

Log In Every Day, Even For A Few Minutes.
It’s important that you’re logging into the game at least once a day. Even
if you don’t have enough time to play an actual game, logging in even for a
few quick minutes (or seconds, for that matter) will be good enough so that
you can redeem your daily login reward, which comes in the form of a free
card pack. If you log in four days straight, you get a guaranteed Uncommon
or Rare player. Logging in for eight days straight will get you a guaranteed
Rare, with a chance of getting an Ultra Rare. And if you’re patient enough
and log in for a good 20 days straight, you get anywhere from Ultra Rare to
Elite guaranteed! In short — keep logging in daily so you could do away with
those common cards sooner rather than later.

If you miss out on buying a certain pack, you can spend about 100 coins
for that, although the costs could sometimes get prohibitive. As such, be
sure you’re logging in — it doesn’t matter how long you stay logged in,
just as long as you’re working toward getting better daily rewards! Remember,
though, that once a new month starts, your progress gets reset. As far as
the current month goes, you should start your daily login streak no later
than October 12 if you want to get the 20-day reward, because come November
1, you’re going back to square one.

Can I Transfer VC Points From NBA 2K18 to NBA 2K19?:
You can’t transfer VC between versions of NBA 2K. That not only includes
different console versions of the same game (i.e. PlayStation 3 to PlayStation
4, Xbox 360 to Xbox One, PS4 to XB1, etc.), but different entries in the NBA
2K series (like NBA 2K18 to NBA 2K19).

How to Scan Your Face:
Make sure you’ve set up your MyPLAYER account and connected it to both NBA
2K19 and MyNBA2K19.
In MyNBA2K19, select "Scan Your Face," at the bottom of the Profile screen.
Follow the on-screen prompts.
Watch your face become one of the most popular in the NBA.

How to Redeem a Locker Code?:
If you’re playing NBA 2K19, odds are that you’ll be redeeming a Locker Code
at some point.

If you’re not sure how to do this, please follow the instructions below:

In the main menu, go to "MyTEAM"
Scroll over to "Settings"
Select "Locker Codes"
Enter the Locker Code you want to redeem (be sure to include hyphens).