NCAA Football 2003 - Max Player Stats

NCAA Football 2003 - Max Player Stats

Max Player Stats

Select "Rosters" in the Options menu then select "Edit Player." Select the player's ratings icon and change each column to 99.

Get the ball every kick-off

First you must go to settings and turn on EAsyplay. Then and turnoff penalties. At the kick-off make aimer point to the sidelines and put as low as you can. Then kick it very soft by tapin X twice. then you will get the ball.

Making Games Shorter

Go to settings and click on gameplay and choose the time of each quarter to be overtime. In the game you will always start out on offense so either kick a field goal or try to score a touchdown. When the other team goes on offense go to start and click on settings and choose the controller to the other team. Then run the ball backwards to their own 1-yard line and run out of bounds. Then switch your controller back to your team and play good defense

Celebrations before endzone

When you are inside the opponents 20 yard line you can celebrate by holding the button down.

L1-or R1 point to sky

R2-hold football out infront of you

Super Player

When creating a player just add the basic info like name, college, school year, etc. But dont mess with the stats. Create the player then go to the depth chart of the team that u are on. Highlight ur name press x then move the stat bar on each level all the way over to 99

How to win the coin toss

9 times out of 10 this will work. at the toss, if you are the away team hold down the down button about 3 seconds and randomly hit X u will win the coin toss

Game Shark Codes

Master Code Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Infinite Pennant Credits C13F939E BCA99B4B
Max Pennant Enable Code D13E1DFE BCA99C9C
Home Score 0 CEB72006 BCA99B83
Home Score 50 CEB72006 BCA99BB5
Away Score 0 CEB72002 BCA99B83
Away Score 50 CEB72002 BCA99BB5