OVERKILL's The Walking Dead

OVERKILL's The Walking Dead

Beginner's Guide:
These tips are only for mission-based levels like Hell or High Water.

Managing your Noise Meter level is the most important stat to track as you go about the level as indicated by the skull icon at the top center of your screen. Traps and unsilenced shots (including enemies' shots) will increase the meter.

Your ranged weapons (except the crossbow) should only be used on ambushing and killing Human enemies. The amount of silenced shots you have is limited throughout the mission and should be reserved for taking out humans as quietly as quickly as possible.

Keep an eye on stamina spending and try to stick together to kill walker hordes with melee as to not get swarmed. Early investment into melee stats is highly recommended.

Zombies cannot climb. Get on a car or similar object if you're getting swarmed to thin out a horde or wait out help from your team.

Watch for traps. They will be highlighted if you have the setting enabled in the Settings menu but its easy to go around or dismantle them. Some traps can be meleed to be disabled.

Avoid looting cars since the noise cost of having an alarm set off is not worth the trouble.

Lore Items:
In this guide the lore items will be detailed and shown in each level.

All characters have the same order of lore items, one per story mission. Normal lore items
can vary wildly. Lore items can give you lore to expand the games universe, and new knives to show your explorative talent. Level names will be shortened as such:

Hell or high water/Hohw.

General Lore Collections:

The family:
1, Hohw, Tournament Flyer
2, LI, Burned CD, side path when forklift breaks on the far right side.
3, OS, Tattoo Sketch

The brigade:
1, LS, Toothbrush
2, DO, Carved Bear
3, JOD, Pair of Socks

1, LS, The Art of War, in side path when the emergency exit opens.
2, DO, Pocket Knife
3, JOD, Matchbook, under computer to hack by couch.

1, LS, Legal Notice
2, DO, Pills
3, JOD, Wedding Rings

Mississippi Mud:
1, LI, Broken Guitar
2, OS, Broken Harmonica
3, DO, Broken Drumstick

Man's best friend:
1, LI, Collar
2, LS, Bone
3, DO, Dog Bowl, trash near Caleb's car

Aunt Edna:
1, Hohw, Wig
2, LS, Hearing Aid
3, JOD, Dentures

1, Hohw, Card Game
2, LI, Board Game
3, DO, Handheld

1, LS, Microscope, Near medical area in end of mission.
2, DO, Syringe
3, JOD, Vials of Blood

Beauty queen:
1, Hohw, Muddy Sash
2, LI, Cracked Tiara
3, OS, Wilted Bouquet

Search party:
1, Hohw, Compass
2, LI, Water Gun
3, OS, Magnifying Glass

Dr. Brody:
1, LI, Dr. Brody's Tonic
2, LS, Dr. Brody's Cream
3, JOD, Dr. Brody's Bandages

1, Hohw, Barbeque Sauce
2, Hohw, Home Dental Kit
3, LI, Cans on a String
4, OS, Bullet Pendant
5, LS, Mannequin Head, in side path when the emergency exit opens.
6, LS, Finger Collection
7, DO, Fencing Helmet, before forklift, past toy store into a room inside warehouse
8, JOD, Quartz Crystal
9, JOD, Communion Chalice
10, JOD, Floppy Disk

Bounty hunter:
1, JOD, Bounty Hunters Payment
2, Hohw, Calling Card
3, LI, Calling Card
4, DO, Calling Card
5, BC, Bridgers Map
6, LS, Kirk's Goodbye

Art gallery pieces are found after gathering enough lore items for a character or location.

Heather's Lore Items:
Reina can also pick up heathers items once you unlock her after home sweet home.

1: Hohw, Keychain, on the rooftop over a sleeping bag bed on first Family enemy encounter.
2: LI,
3: OS,
4: LS, Cracked Mug, only accessible if the door worked after the sequence, found over a sleeping bag bed at the middle train tracks near a locked fence door.
5: DO,
6: JOD,

Aidan's Lore Items:
1: Hohw, chewing tobacco, in first house on the right from spawn on a chair upstairs.
2: LI,
3: OS,
4: LS,
5: DO,
6: JOD,

Grant's Lore Items:
1: Hohw, Berries Bushes and bites, on bench in second enemy camp courtyard
2: LI,
3: OS,
4: LS,
5: DO,
6: JOD,

Maya's Lore Items:

1: Hohw, Charm bracelet, inside right most building in last enemy camp, upstairs in bedroom.
2: LI, volunteer photo, in medical bed area in area to the right when you first start.
3: OS, Beeper, On rooftop where you fight the family, inside right gate after ladder near a bloody hand.
4: LS,Scalpel, in small medical area near end of mission.
5: DO, Medical Textbook, in one of the mall stores on a table.
6: JOD, Marathon number, behind shipping containers near two connected sniper towers just before computer hacking area.

Reina's Lore Items:
1: Hohw, bugged and not obtainable
2: LI, Behind desk in far right room after elevator.
3: OS,
4: LS,
5: DO,
6: JOD,

Bridger's Lore Items:
Bridger is a secret character whose questline starts after collecting the bounty hunter payment in join or die.

1: Hohw, Pack of Cards, behind table in left building at last enemy camp.
2: LI, Class Ring, directly in view of elevator, locked room where theres frequently a survivor.
3: OS, Toy Soldier, in the helicopter at the very start of the level.
4: LS, Get Well Soon Card.
5: DO, Amusement Park Photo.
6: JOD, American Flag, near Caleb's car under the palet near the entrance of the army tent.