Overlord: Raising Hell


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Easy Gold, lifeforce and peasant kills
1.Go to Heavens Peak - City using the tower portal
2.Summon as many brown minions as you can but leave room for 2 blue minions.
3.Postion them on the stairs in front of the tower gate.
4.Kill the preists over in the corner as well as the peasant.
5.Let your minions kill the approching peasants.
6.Stand over the body of a peasant.
7.The preist should keep on bringing the peasant back to life and he will stay hostile & your minions will kill him and he will drop gold and lifeforce each time he dies.
8.Go watch T.V.
9.Come back in awhile when you have what you wanted.

This is not faster than farming lifeforce from the dungeon but this still one of the best ways to farm gold, lifeforce and peasant kills. Also make sure you wear the Harvester Helment.

Farming lifeforce
1.Go to the dungeon.
2.Select a monster challenge that has the word "Beetle" in its name.
3.Summon as much minions as you want and of any breed.
4.Kill the beetles and you should get 75 lifeforce of the type you battled.
5.Repeat as much as you like.

This is the 1 of the fastest or is the fastest ways to farm lifeforce, and always wear the Harvester Helment when you do this so you get 150 lifefoce each time.

Battler Beetles gives you brown lifeforce.
Dazzler Beetles gives you blue lifeforce
Magma Beetles gives you red lifeforce.
Puff Beetles gies you green lifeforce.

Item molds
This hint/tip will tell you where you can find item molds in which abyss. The molds are usally very stacked in someway or another.

Axe of Confusion
Effect-Every now and then the people who you wack with this will run away in fear.
Location-Mellow Hills Abyss
My rating 6.5/10

Harvester Helment
Effect-This doubbles the amount of lifeforce you get and lets you contol 5 more minions.Best item in the game
Location-Heavens Peak Abyss
My rating 10/10

Mace of Doom
Effect-When you do a power stike it knocks every one down.
Location-Evernight Forest Abyss
My rating 4/10

Sword of Life-Stealing
Effect-Every hit gives you some health which is quite usefull if you die alot.
Location-Golden Hills Abyss
My rating 8.5/10

Armor of Fire
Effect-When People hit you they catch on fire if they can catch on fire.
Location-Golden Hills Abyss
My rating 8/10

I hope this was useful to you and good luck getting thoes molds.

"Hot Tea" sceen
Buy every tower upgrade except for the banners and one other upgrade and your mistress will request your presence in her private quarters. When you arrive there a short cutseen will play showing the entire tower shake when you and your mistress are at it. This is possible with either mistress and only can be done after you choose Rose or Velvet. So it is worth spending you gold on upgrades.

Respawning treasure chest
When you meet Kahn for a second time in the Infernal Abyss, he will be plastered to a metal wall in a small room. Next to him is a small hallway that leads to four spawning pits for each Minion and one treasure chest. The treasure chest will respawn every eleven seconds after you hit or open it. Note: The Infernal Abyss is the fifth and last one.

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