Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness - Episode One - Savegame Cheat


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Savegame Cheat:
The Penny Arcade savegame files are plain text files that can easily be edited with a plain text editor. You can give your characters 50 First Aid Kits, Molotov Cocktails etc. You can also add Experience points, robot spare parts and several other goodies if you like.

It is highly recommended that you backup your savegame.

Find your Savegame in : C:Documents and Settings[Your Username]Local SettingsApplication DataHotheadGamesRainSlickEp1

You may need to turn on Show Hidden Folders and Files in Windows Explorer to see the Local Settings folder.

In this folder, you will see all your savegame files.
Open the one you wish to edit in Notepad.

Search for:

XPCarl : This is your character's Experience Points.

Beneath it you will find Gabe and Tycho's experience points, combat rating bonuses, and Hit Point bonuses as well.

As you scroll down you will also find the values for your inventory, such as First Aid Kits, Bandages, Gauze etc. etc.I have only ever tried putting a max value of 50 in any of these inventory slots.

Search for:


This value controls the amount of Fruit Fuer spare parts you have. These are used by Alice to upgrade your party's weapons.

You can mess around a bit with the amount of inventory items, or alter your Combat Bonus for some quick fun.

The game isn't that difficult, but far be it from me to purport to know the skill level of every gamer out there . Certainly if you find yourself really stuck at a boss fight having 50 molotov cocktails, and 50 first aid kits can help you complete the game.

If you change any quest/event tracking values you will most probably mess up your game, and since this is episodic content, you really don't want to do that.

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