Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition


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Cheat Codes:

Go into your “My Documents” folder. Find the "Planescape.lua" file.
Add this line to the file

–SetPrivateProfileString(‘Program Options’,’Debug Mode’,’1')

Save the file.
When you are playing the game you should now be able to hit
[Ctrl]+Space and see a black box appear.
Type in the appropriate code in the box and then hit enter.

Note: As of 2.0 the old code prefix “CLUAConsole:” no longer works.
You can instead just use “C:”

Example: C:”code”()

Code Effect
C:ExploreArea() - Reveals map of the current area.
C:SetCurrentXP(x) - Sets the experience points of the currently
selected characters to x. You can’t go higher
than the experience cap of 2950000, however.
C:MoveToArea(x) - Teleports selected characters to the area x.
x must be in quotation marks.
C:AddGold(x) - Adds x gold to your party total.
C:CreateItem(x,y) - Creates y number of item x. If y is ommited,
one x will be created.
x must be in quotation marks.
C:CreateCreature(x) - Creates the monster x.
x must be in quotation marks.

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