Quake III: Revolution - Level Skip

Quake III: Revolution - Level Skip

Level Skip

During gameplay hold L1 R1 R2 Select and press X Circle Square Triangle X Circle Square Triangle.

Unlock two more characters in arena mode

Start or continue a campaign. Beat vadridgari think that's his namethe arena master for the second time. Then win the next match and you will have two new characters in arena mode

Unlock Extra Characters/levels

Beat the campaign mode on the "I can win" difficulty and after the credits a new level is playable against two new characters. Beat this level and you can play it and the characters in the multiplayer arena. note: you have to load, then quit your campaign after unlocking this level once you turn off your PS2


If you haven't yet found the KAMIKAZE then listen up. On the level "the forgotten place" there is a patch in wall that is boarded up a little bit, it looks like someone has blown a hole in it and someone else had patched it up. Use any gun except the "gauntlet" and shoot the wall to reveal a hole then walk inside. To you're left should be the Kamikaze, pick it up and press square to obliterate yourself and your opponents

Easily kill Vadrigar

This very tough boss can be vanquished with ease First, when the level starts, straff left or right to dodge his fire, then dart forward and down in to the center of the arena. Look around, and you should see a railgun positioned somewhere on a walkway. Run round as close to the edge as you can, grab the railgun, then jump down in to the center and grab some more armor and ammo etc. when you armor and health are at full, switch to your railgun and aim at the glowing blue shield generators on the walls. Destroy two of the three and then aim at the third using zoom. zoom out but still DON'T fire yet when you are perfectly lined up, switch to the BFG and unleash a round in to the shield generator. As soon as you fire the BFG, run into one of the side tunnels Jump over the red laser, or dodge the grenades, and keep going up until you reach the end where you'll find either armor or health, grab this and watch out for Vadrigar's shots. When you are ready, run out and to your left, where you'll find another tunnel. Follow this to get some health/armor. If you are now in the health tunnel, get against the far wall, and slowly sidestep out til you can see whilst zoomed a glowing purple sphere with the Quake symbol wrapped around it. This is the Invulnerability item you have to run out to your right, follow the path up, turn round, move forward, look down and BFG JUMP up to the platform This is tricky, but you can get the hang of it quite easily. When you are up there, grab the item you saw earlier and NOT THE KAMIKAZE ITEM When you have the Invulnerability item, move slowly toward the edge, keeping your eyes peeled for the Vadrigar and his BFG Look down and right slightly and you should see Quad Damage, if you cant, simply move back to safety and try again in a few seconds. If you do see the Quad damage, make sure your weapon is the BFG, jump down, grab the Quad damage, jump in to the center of the arena, hit SQUARE button, and spin around in circles unleashing a constant storm of BFG rockets When you hear the familiar Plink sound of your weapon hitting the enemy, concentrate your fire on the Vadrigar He should only take about 3 BFG rockets And then you have finished the game ......or have you?......

Unlimited Quad Damage

When you fist start enter your name as "HATTRICK" and you will have unlimited Quad Damage through the whole game

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