Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades

Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades

Game Cheats:

Cheat Method
The simplest way to modify the game for gold, items, or changing your characters, and army attributes is to start a game, save, and exit.

Then locate the save in:

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Real Warfare 2 - Teutonic order\profiles\[CHARACTER NAME]\customs

Open the file in a hex editor (hex workshop is my preference). Next press Ctrl + F, and search for Hex 6865 726F 476F 6C64 or text string 'heroGold'.

The second entry will be the header for your character and all his stats, mod away.

NOTE: To increase item quantity you must possess the item first. If you have freezes on load, check that values aren't increased beyond 9, or 99, depending on item amount in inventory, i.e. if you start with 120 gold you can only increase it to 999 gold and then when you fight a battle you'll have 1020 gold save and repeat above steps increasing it to 9999 gold; same goes for all values

Cheat Codes
From the Campaign Map, press "T" then enter any of the following cheat codes.

Code - Result:
moreleadership - More Leadership Points
moreexp - More Experience
morearmyexp - More Army Experience
morehorses - More Horses in Army
autowinon - Auto Win Battle
autowinoff - Disable Auto Win
freeplayon - Activate Sandbox Play
mongolsinvasion - Activate Mongol Invasion Event