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Need any help? Check this

Check the briefcases you get very good, you might find a button on it or a lock When you have the hemostat go back tot the man in the beginning, he'll give you a lock pick

Security code in Palace is => At back of ID-CARD

Code of the computer in the room where you placed the Luger's is => 1971

The number of the lab where the professor gets smashed to the window is => 1126

The combination off the drawers in the save room are => Red, Green, Blue and Brown.

The Painting's-puzzle must be solved in this order => 1st. The woman, 2nd The man with the two child's, 3d The man with the scale, 4th The man with the golden cup, 5th The man with the vase with the candles and 6th The man with the normal vase. Then walk to the boys painting and click him

The Oil puzzle solves like this:

2 times 3
1 time 5
1 time 10
2 times 3
1 time 5
this will bring the bridge down.

Also when you pick up a vase or a pot. check in it or at the bottom of it, you might find anything in or on it

And don't shoot at everything that moves It's a waste of bullets. When you think you're only going to a place for once, try not to shoot or anything just walk by Like the dogs you'll meet in the beginning, just run by them And the giant earthworm at the training facility.

Get the Linear Launcher in Battle Game

To get the Linear Launcher in battle game you have to get an A ranking with all the players. Chris,Claire 1 and 2, Steve, and Wesker. If you get the rankings the Linear Launcher will appear in all the players features.

Unlock the rocket launcher

End the game with a A-ranking. Don't use any first aid sprays.Don't save the game and no retry. Save Steve in the Luger-chamber.Give the medicine to Rodrigo and play the game till a end in 4 hours and 30 min.Difficult, but you have the rocket launcer when you play a new game.

The special diary

When you play the battle game, go to the slotmachine in the casino.Do this with the same character. The thirth time there is a diary from D.I.J . guess who that is?

Unlock the battle game

Finish the game one time to unlock the battle game. In the beginning only Claire and Chris Redfield are playabble.

Need more help? Check this too

First how to destroy Nosferatu? You must take Alfred's Sniperrifle before you go through the wall. Then on the roof you see that Nosferatu is coming for you. Take the sniperrifle and blow his hart to pieces This is the quickest way to defeat him, and as far as I know, the only way.

When fighting Alexia for the first time. Pump her full off lead. First walk to the left side of the room and then work your way to the right side, but you must shoot everytime she's away from you. When she is right in front off you you must run or get burned.

Want to get both Jewels but you can't take them both? Turn the power off

Also you need a LOT off health packages when running away from Steve. Every time he hits you with his axe you will loose almost all off your health. But you must allways keep running, don't shoot him it won't hurt him.

Don't put every dragonfly wing in you item box, when you find more off them they will be put in one part off your inventory

Also go to the office where you first saw Nosferatu and where that damn irritating fly is flying around. When there use you halbred and you will find a cube. Use your head with this one when you enter the code in Alexia's lab. Alfred will fall out of Alexia's tube with a emblem, which exists off two parts. Check it and a jewel will be given.

Get two automatic pistols for Chris in the beginning

BRAND NEW This cheat is probably a first for some of you people...
When you start off as Chris you meet that guy who then gets eaten by the worm. When you save him he gives you the lighter. Go back to the room where you first met him, walk along the wall where he was laying before he got eaten and there will be a statue that says the 'stone can be moved down' do so, then use the lighter. Then TA-DA you got two automatic pistols for Chris' game

One Hit Kills

Equip the 2 lugers and aim,wait for a zombie to get closer and simultaneously press up and shoot to blow of his faceworks with two enemies

Get his enhanced handgun and stand a bit away from it and shoot it should do the same as the lastas in resident evil 3 with the eagle st1

Basicly the same as Chris and Steve So either aim high with a powerful weaponshotgun,grenade gun etc. or do as above.But nobody said it was meant to be easy

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