Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Beat The Uber Soldat Super Solider


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Beat The Uber Soldat Super Solider

To beat the Uber Soldat, don't use the Venom machine gun, it is not very effective. Use any sniper rifle and just keep shooting at the solider. When you need to reload or need help, jump off the second floor thing onto the first with the Super Solider and go right where there is a table with health. You can hide there because the Super Solider won't go that far to find you. Then get a good angle and start shooting at the Uber Soldat until it's dead. When the Solider dies, be careful of the regular Nazi Soldiers.


Only able to use this code in first level. When you get to the wine cellar throw a German Grenade inside the cellar. After it explodes run in and wipe out the survivors. Go back to the entrance of the cellar. When you look you will see the first two big barrels. Go in between them and press the action button and one of the bricks in the wall should cave in. Now go to the left end of the room the wall should be open then you can shoot out the glass and get the wine3. TIP:when you go to the control chooses you can choose what control you want to activate the wine or other held drink of wine restores your health when it is at 45.One more thing if you don't use the wine during this level it will not be useable in any other levels.

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