Rollcage - Deathmatch Mode


Deathmatch Mode

Finish all tracks in first place in a league.

Mirrored Mode

Finish all leagues in first place.

Various Cheats

Enter any of the following "Passwords" as a password:

Password Effect
MAXCHEAT Unlock Everything
AIRHORNS Eighties Air Horn
BESTLAPS Designers High Scores
EEFNIEBA All Tracks on Easy
EEFPHMBC All Tracks on Hard
HEMPCMDD All Tracks on Expert
HHMPNEED All Expert Tracks Bonus Car Mega Time Trial Mirror Mode All Deathmatch Modes
EADNCMAH All Tracks and Mirror Tracks on Hard
KKKJBCFA All Leagues and Neoto Deathmatch
HAFIJEAF Harpoon Deathmatch