Saints Row IV


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Game Cheats:

Secret Weapon and Developer Room Easter Egg:
Enter the 'Let's Pretend Store' in New Baranec (southwest Steelport) and shoot the 'Employees Only' door using any weapon until it opens. If you then go down the hallways and stairs you will eventually reach a secret room that contains a colourful shooting gallery with images of the developers of the game. You will also find to the right of the entrance door on a chair a special weapon called 'The Loud Locust'. This weapon is a tiny but powerful pistol that is a reference to the Noisy Cricket from the Men In Black movie.

Collectible Finder Upgrade:
Matt Miller will unlock the Collectible Finder upgrade when you have completed 'The Pledge' mission.

Cheat Mode

The folllowing cheats are enabled when you pause gameplay, select the 'Extras' option, choose 'Cheats' followed by 'Add Cheat' and enter the corresponding code (without the quotes). When the code has been entered correctly you will hear a confirmation sound. Trophies and Auto Save will become disabled when cheats are activated but you will still be able to manually save.

Player Ability

Give Cash ($100,000):
Enter 'cheese'

Enter 'letsrock'

Vehicle No Damage:
Enter 'vroom'

Repair Current Vehicle:
Enter 'repaircar'

Clear Notoriety:
Enter 'goodygoody'

Disable Warden Spawns:
Enter 'nowardens'

Instant Warden Notoriety:
Enter 'instantwarden'

Unlock Blast:
Enter 'superblast'

Unlock Buff:
Enter 'superbuff'

Unlock Death From Above:
Enter 'superdfa'

Unlock Stomp:
Enter 'superstomp'

Unlock Super Sprint:
Enter 'runfast'

Unlock Telekinesis:
Enter 'supertk'

Disable Super Movement:
Enter 'nosupermove'

Disable Super Powers:
Enter 'nosuperpowers'


Spawn AB Destroyer:
Enter 'givedestroyer'

Spawn Alien Hover Tank:
Enter 'givehovertank'

Spawn Alien Hover Car:
Enter 'givehovercar'

Spawn Alien Jet Bike:
Enter 'givetrouble'

Spawn Alien UFO:
Enter 'giveufo'

Spawn Attrazione:
Enter 'giveattrazione'

Spawn Crib Ship:
Enter 'givecribship'

Spawn Crusader:
Enter 'givecrusader'

Spawn Cruasder (Cyrus):
Enter 'givecrusadercyrus'

Spawn Crusader (Saints):
Enter 'givecrusadersaints'

Spawn Eagle:
Enter 'giveeagle'

Spawn Eagle (M16):
Enter 'giveeaglem16'

Spawn Eagle (SWAT):
Enter 'giveeagleswat'

Spawn Gunslinger:
Enter 'givegunslinger'

Spawn Gunslinger (Police):
Enter 'givegunslingerpolice'

Spawn Key:
Enter 'givekey'

Spawn Lightning:
Enter 'givelightning'

Spawn Monster Truck:
Enter 'givemonster'

Spawn Oppressor:
Enter 'giveoppressor'

Spawn Oppressor (Angel):
Enter 'giveoppressorangel'

Spawn Oppressor (Police):
Enter 'giveoppressorpolice'

Spawn Pony Cart:
Enter 'givepony'

Spawn Recursor (Green):
Enter 'giverecursorgreen'

Spawn Recursor (Purple):
Enter 'giverecursorpurple'

Spawn Recursor (Red):
Enter 'giverecursorred'

Spawn Relic:
Enter 'giverelic'

Spawn Snipes 57:
Enter 'givesnipes'

Spawn Snipes 57 (Killbane):
Enter 'givekillbanejet'

Spawn Stiletto:
Enter 'givestiletto'

Spawn Thompson:
Enter 'givethompson'

Spawn Tornado (Assault):
Enter 'givetornadoassault'

Spawn Tornado (Morningstar):
Enter 'givetornadomorningstar'

Spawn Tornado (NG):
Enter 'givetornadong'

Spawn Tornado (Police):
Enter 'givetornadopolice'

Spawn Tornado (Saints):
Enter 'givetornadosaints'

Spawn Turret:
Enter 'giveturret'

Spawn Turret HS:
Enter 'giveturreths'

Spawn Verminator:
Enter 'giveverminator'

Spawn VTOL:
Enter 'givevtol'

Spawn VTOL (Cyrus):
Enter 'givevtolcyrus'

Spawn VTOL (Saints):
Enter 'givevtolsaints'

Spawn Vulture:
Enter 'givevulture'

Spawn Vulture (Morningstar):
Enter 'givevulturemorningstar'

Spawn Vulture (Saints):
Enter 'givevulturesaints'

Spawn Vulture (Spotlight):
Enter 'givevulturespotlight'

Spawn White House USA Turret:
Enter 'giveturretwh'

Spawn Woodpecker:
Enter 'givewoodpecker'

Spawn Woodpecker (Luchadore):
Enter 'givewoodpeckerluchadore'


Enter 'ascii'

Big Head Mode:
Enter 'bigheadmode'

Disable Glitch FX:
Enter 'noglitchcity'

Drunk (Drunk Pedestrians):
Enter 'dui'

Evil Cars:
Enter 'evilcars'

Fast Forward (Time Speeds Up):
Enter 'fastforward'

Giant Player:
Enter 'imhuge'

Heaven Bound (Corpses Rise into the Air):
Enter 'fryhole'

Insane City:
Enter 'insanecity'

Low Gravity:
Enter 'gravitykills'

Mascots (Mascot Pedestrians):
Enter 'mascot'

Pimps and Hos (Pimps and Prostitutes Pedestrians):
Enter 'hohoho'

Tiny Player:
Enter 'ittybitty'

Vehicle Smash (Smash Vehicles Easily):
Enter 'isquishyou'

* Silverlink

Golden Gun (One-Hit Kills):
Enter 'goldengun'

Rated M++ (Everyone Killed Explodes into Blood):
Enter 'notrated'

Slow Motion (Time Slows Down):
Enter 'slowmo'

* These cheats must first be unlocked during gameplay before they can be used.

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