Sam and Max Episode 305: The City That Dares Not Sleep

Sam and Max Episode 305: The City That Dares Not Sleep


The Unabridged Version (Bronze)
Objective: Listened to all of Max's audiobooks on vinyl in their entirety

For Insurance Purposes (Bronze)
Objective: Checked out every object in Max's inventory

Genius in its Simplicity (Bronze)
Objective: Heard all the details of Stinky's origin

All the Old Familiar Places (Bronze)
Objective: Collected all of Max's precious memory slides

Like Battery Acid and Pickle Juice (Bronze)
Objective: Heard at least five accounts of what nightmares taste like

Fire Retardant (Bronze)
Objective: Shot all of the Flaming Max spores

Quiet on the Set (Bronze)
Objective: Snuck into the frame of Satan's documentary at least twice

Maxtastic Voyage (Silver)
Objective: Sent a rescue team into the body of Giant Max

Battery Park (Silver)
Objective: Overcame the psychic powers to enter Max's brain

Just Ask For Directions Already (Silver)
Objective: Found the location of the only thing that will save Max

Prepare for Surgery (Silver)
Objective: Delivered the tool necessary to complete Max's brain surgery

The Happy Ending (Gold)
Objective: Discovered a last-minute way to save Max