Single-Player Tips & Tricks:

Avoid the towns when you start. There will be a lot of empty cupboards to
search and you’ll also come across more zombies.

When that hand icon pops up on the screen to search for rocks, do it. A
few rocks will allow you to craft a basic knife via your crafting menu.

Use your basic stone knife to cut down bushes and shrubs (read the next

You can usually search for rocks from the same place you cut down the
shrubs/bushes etc. If you can, make sure you craft the basic spear.
(Tip: if you chop down the shrubs/bushes and search for rocks in the same
place, you can craft from whatever is on the floor, so you don’t need to
pick them up).

There are different branches and twigs, and the spear needs the longer
variety. So get to know what comes from each kind of bush/shrub.

When you have that spear, hold down your left mouse button to aim and
then release it to launch. When you release it it’s gone for good,
so make it count.

Find a lonely zombie in a field or forest and launch your newly crafted
spear at its face.

Loot it. If the zombie is wearing combat pants, then those will be yours
when you kill it. That means you’ll have more pockets and you can pick
up more loot. So take note of what it’s wearing as it’s usually a clue.

If you want to loot buildings, aim for police stations etc. You’ll
usually find weapons or combat gear within them.

The scroll wheel is your friend. The scroll wheel determines how fast
you move. Even when you stop and then start again, it will remember and
commence at that pace. When in combat, the scroll wheel also determines
how fast you can back away from a zombie, so scroll it forward to move
away faster, and when it’s taking a brief rest, punch your fist through
its face. Just keep and eye on your stamina.

How to Disable DoF (Background Blur):

This guide will show you how to disable the depth of field effect (background blur).

Navigate to:


Open "GameUserSettings.ini" in a notepad.
Look for the line "r.DepthOfFieldQuality" under [ScumSettings].
If it isn't there you will need to add it under [ScumSettings].

Change it to:


Close & save the file, enjoy.

Useful Facts:
You can get an infection from dirty bandages.
Drones that fly around and spectate players are here just to make a better
The more layers of clothes you wear, the more you sweat, the faster you dehydrate.
You can dry your clothes by standing near a fire.
If your hunger or thirst reaches zero, your stamina will suffer, but you will
survive for some time.
There are 2 levels of drinking need: 1. Thirsty 2. Dehydrated
You should drink about 300 ml of water for an hour, but it is individual for a character.
You can chop down puppets, and eat their meat.
You can't use 3rd person view as an advantage over 1st person view.
You can invite people into your group by clicking on them.
You can craft things with items in the vicinity.
You can gain fame points for almost every action you do.
There is no base building, but there is a lot better system, fortifying buildings.
You can get poisoned by alcohol.
You can get diarrhea by drinking a lot of unclean water.
If you eat or drink too much, it can affect you badly.
If you have a fat character, you can survive longer without food because of stored fat.
24 hours In-Game are actually 6 hours in real life.
Guns can jam, so you should clean them sometimes.
Puppets can be distracted, but mecha robots can't be.
You can farm weed.
You should urinate sometimes.
You can become an alcoholic, and your character will end up depending on it.
You can track footsteps in focus mode.
The in-game day lasts 4 hours and night will be 2 hours, but it could be changed
by server owners.
There are different color options in a crafting menu. Gray means you haven't
discovered a recipe or a blueprint. Yellow - you are missing some of the items to
craft that object. Red - you don't have any of those items.
You are able to craft your own ammo.
Your character has 2 types of stamina. It may take some time for you to rest, but
stamina that is used in a hand-to-hand combat will restore faster.
If you land 2 punches in a hand-to-hand combat without being hit you will activate
a combo which allows you to punch a 3rd time without spending any stamina.
When you re-enter the server, you don't spawn in the same spot where you left,
but somewhere nearby.
Test servers will be available, so everyone can play around with different weapons
and gear.
There are high-risk high reward zones, for example, an airfield.
Your clothes get wet if you go into the water, and they will get a lot heavier.