Simpson's Hit and Run, The - Various Cheats

Simpson's Hit and Run, The - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

In the options menu hold LR and enter the following:

Y, Y, X, X - Blow up vehicles in one hit
X, X, X, X - Faster cars
Y, Y,Y, Y - Fastest cars
Y, A, Y, A - Infinite car health
X, X, X, Y - Press horn to do a huge leap in your car
B, B, B, A - More camera angles
B, A, B, Y - Grid mode
A, B, A, B - All reward Cars
A, X, X, Y - Credits
Y, Y, B, X - Speedometer display
B, B, Y, X - Red Brick Car
Y, B, Y, B - Tripping mode

Get in other people's cars

If you want to do this first you have to get out of the car you're already in, then go up to a car that's driving in the street or get on top of it and wait till you see the y button icon at the top of the screen and press the y button there, now you're driving in someone else's car


go in to the main menu selecion and then go to options and hold L&R and hold ,press up press and then let go then press A,B,Z,Aand X
Submitted by nora mckay

Rocket car

In the first level of this game you can find a rocket car. Find the power plant and take the tunnel all the way through. When you arrive out you will see large mansions. Go straight out, turn right, then left and immediately to your left will be a gold house. walk up to the front gate and you will see a rocket car from that old episode... you know that one. Get inside with y. Keep in mind that this car is extremely fast and not so durable so be careful

Money Hint

Drive through Booths and crates instead of kicking them to get coins faster

How to get cars

There are several ways to get cars first of all you will be required for each level to buy 1 that is the easiest. You can buy them from Gill who will be marked with a sign on map. One person somewhere on the map will have an over there head do a mission for them and u will get a car. Also buy doing the 3 races presented in the levels you will get a car from Patty and Selma.

Ride A Quad

In the 4th level go to the trailer park. On the side of one of the trailers is a quad. Press the Y button to ride it.

Lots of money in the beginning

Take a car that is not your own and keep smashing it into a object that can't be moved. The car should blow up pretty easily emitting a large amount of coins

Skip a Mission

To skip a mission, you have to fail a mission 5 times and then in the menu you will have the option to "skip" sometimes you will have to fail a mission 6 times. It's common sense if you have played Road Rage, in the Missions fail it 5 times and you skip it, same as here NOTE: THIS DOES NOT WORK ON THE LAST MISSIONS FOR ANY LEVEL

How to get bart and the second level

How to get Bart and the second level Downtown Do all of Homer's missions and it will take you to Downtown with Bart as the character

Monster Truck

When you are playing as Bart level 2 you must go to see Frink by the stadium. Near there cant remember exactly where is a monster truck sitting on top of a ledge of some kind. Jump up on the ledge and press Y to drive the Monster Truck

Surfin' Homer

Go to the Halloween level aka level 7. Now walk out in to the middle of the street. And wait till a car stops in front of you. And when it says press y to enter. Don't do it. Instead, press a and jump on the back of the car that stopped by you. It works best with the ghost boat because, there is a lot of room on it. Once your on the car, don't press anything. And after a few seconds, the car you are on will begin to move and homer will act like hes surfing. The car will take you all over the level

Lots of Money

Drive all around and find the flying bee cameras. When you find one go to it jump and hit and a large amount of cash well come up.

Get Bonus Game

To Get The Bonus Game You Need To Get All Of The Collector Cards In At Least 1 Level. NOTE: This will let you play 1-3 player games and races.

Change your clothes

Go inside the school or the Kwik-e-mart and go up to the shirt with the sign above it and press the Y button then you can buy different cloths such as Homer in his under wear or in a dress.

Get a really fast car and get a broken car

When your on the third level with Lisa go to the boat by the casino go off the ramp and around the boat toward the Springfield's Hollywood. On your right you'll see a krusty glass break and go on the ramp once you get on the boat drive to the right and you'll see a box connected to a crane go pass it and the take a left get out of the car and go up the stacked boxes. Once you get up those youl well have to jump onto a bigger box go around it and there will be an opening on the box inside is a really fast car. Getting a blown up car by the bowlarma with lisa go into an alley way put a car you should get from someone driving put it under the thing that stops you from going and then goes back up it will it a couple of times and then it will blow up go by and press y if it tells you to if it doesn't you did it wrong. The car goes really slow because it blew up.


on level 2 go to the hiway i think,go to the 1st phone booth and park run to the stairs and go up and you should see a monorail.
Submitted by anonomous


In the 7th Level, AKA Holloween, Yo can fly a hovering UFO, when you exit the only bit of the Power Plant, drive down and stop at the first Blue house.
Submitted by HexDanlan

Easy money

Get a big car and go to the 1st level. Find the rocket car and blow it up by hitting it. Coins will fall out and collect them. Drive around and come back and do the same thing again.
Submitted by Mike

Rocket Car

In the first level with homer. Go outside the gold house and the rocket car should be there. If you have already found the rocket car and you blow it up it will come back later.
Submitted by Scott

How to get alot of coins

Behind homers house theres alot of coins and behind flanders house there is alot of coins to and a bee. Collect the coins and destroy the bee.
Submitted by unknown

RC Car

When u play on the last levelthe halloween level go to the Krsty Buger with all the fire trucks. Jump on the roof, destory the wasp-cam and hop in.
Submitted by John

To get Night Boat

Go to Lisa's level go in the C-Spancer, you will see boxes jump to the top don't jump off or walk off take a left and go in side the box and you will see a boat.
Submitted by Robbie J. B.


Go to the 7th level and go were the cars are bomped together then go on the roof and then press Y to go in it.
Submitted by Benjamin


Normaly do the huge leap then press down A to go far and straight.
Submitted by katlynn stevenson

Burn out

When you get the 70's sport car hold brake, then accelerate while braking then put reverse aswell, you will see flames from the tires.
Submitted by unknown


In level 5 Apu's level you can find the Monster Truck at the stadium on the ledge, by the water fountain. This is also where you can find the MonsterTruckin level 2 Bart's level.
Submitted by Aaron McWhorter

Red brick

To get a red brick car go 2 the school and jump on top of the school and you will find it there.
Submitted by unknown