Sly Cooper and the Thievious Raccoonus - Rolling Body Froggy Airhop

Sly Cooper and the Thievious Raccoonus - Rolling Body Froggy Airhop

Rolling Body, Froggy Airhop

To do the Rolling Bodyglitch not hint, hit Jump, Grab, JumpX, O, X. Very interesting glitch.

NOTE: This works better when you have the SLOW MOTION JUMP Thievius Raccoonus page.
NOTE2: This may not work for official version.

The Froggy Airhop is something I found out using the Rolling Body. If you hit Jump, Grab, Jump, GrabX, O, X, O you will jump, make a brief grabbing motion, push your feet out like a frog, and do another grabbing motion. This goes higher than the Double Jump.

NOTE: This may not work in official version.


When you are unlocking a door with a Treasure Key, go to the point where you throw the key. When the keys start to turn, hit Triangleyou need to have an action on it. You should now be walking around with your hook in your right hand and a key in your left. and get Cool little glitch.
NOTE:and get May not work in original version.

Unlocking Moves, Videos and Documents

GET ALL the bottles in a levels to unlocks a move, video or historical document. Movies can be viewed by going to Bentley at the hideout

Get Special moves

Beat one of the fiendish five bosses to unlock moves

Beat Raleigh and get Ninja Spire Jump
Beat Muggshot and get Railwalk and Railslide
Beat Mz Ruby and get Invisibility
Beat Panda King and get Modified Team Van