Soldier Of Fortune 2 - Cheats

Soldier Of Fortune 2 - Cheats


Depending on your game version, there are multiple ways to activate cheat mode:

Method 1: Press to display the console window. Type "setrandom svcheats 1" and press [Enter] to enable cheat mode.

Method 2: Display the console window and type "svcheats 1" case-sensitive and press [Enter]. You can also type "devmap [map name]" to load a specific map and have the cheats enabled once it has completed loading.
Note: "svcheats 1" is write protected in the regular single player game. You need to load a map first by using the map or devmap command. For example, start the game, press , then type "map pra1" or "devmap pra1" at the console window and press [Enter].
When the map loads, enter "svcheats 1" and press [Enter] to enable cheat mode.

Method 3: Start the game with the "[drive and folder path]SOF2SoF2.EXE set svcheats 1" command to enable cheat mode.
Note: The next step involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "myconfig.cfg" file in the "base" folder in the game folder. Search for the "toggleconsole" entry in the file. Bind any desired key to that command.

For example:bind X "toggleconsole"

After cheat mode has been activated by using one of the previous methods, start the game, display the console window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Note: Cheats may have to be re-activated after starting a new level.

Toggle God mode god
Toggles no clipping mode noclip
All weapons and ammo give all
Spawn indicated item give [item name]
Armor give armor
Full ammunition for current weapons give ammo
Health give health
Stamina give stamina
Infinite power pinkspider
Disable enemy AI notarget
Never get tired nofatigue
List console commands cmdlist
Display current map name mapname
List maps dir maps
Advance to indicated map map, spdevmap or devmap [level name]
Level select icon at main menu raven 1
Change gravity; 800 is default, set to 0 to fly ggravity [0-800]
Change movement rate; 320 is defeault, lower is slower gspeed [number]
Change player's name name [text]
Toggle windowed and full screen; will restart game toggle rfullscreen
Show current server settings serverinfo
Reconnect to last server reconnect
Commit suicide kill
Exit game quit

Note: To close the console type: toggleconsole [enter]
Submitted by Spy005

If you have the full version the cheats are:
Heretic = God ModeElbow = Weapons 1-5 and 7Bigelbow = Weapons 8-12 and 6Phantom = Allows you to fly around, and clip through walls.Ninja = Makes you invisible so the enemies can't see you.Matrix = Changes the game speed. values .1 to .9 call for slow motion. Values Greater than 1 call for fast motion.Killallmonsters = Kills all enemies in your current level.
-submitted by Ash O' Neil

map - Warp directly to a map
cgdrawFPS 1 - Show FPS
Submitted by William Kaiser

All levels Selecter

Bring down the console and type this command:

raven 1

then all levels will be selectable from the menu....enjoy