Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Game Cheats:

Future Foundation Suit (Amazing Spider-Man)
Select a saved game file at the main menu, then press Up, Down, Left, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left.

Big Time Suit (2099)
Select a saved game file at the main menu, then press Right, Down, Down, Up, Left, Down, Down, Right.

The Last Stand Suit
Enter laststand as a VIP code.

Poison Suit (Spider-Man 2099)
Enter innerspider as a VIP code.


Airborne Assailer (Bronze)
Objective: Perform 3 of each Air Attack on enemies

Alchemaxed Out! (Bronze)
Objective: Buy all Combat Upgrades

Ambitious Arachnid Acquirer (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain 1/4 of the Golden Spiders

Determined Do-gooder (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Act 2 on any difficulty level

Fantastic Five Hundred (Bronze)
Objective: Collect 500 Orb Fragments

Fearless Front-Facer (Bronze)
Objective: Complete all chapters on Normal

Furious Fist Fighter (Bronze)
Objective: Execute a 50-hit combo

Gold Standard (Bronze)
Objective: Buy all Character Upgrades

Gorgeous Gold Grabber (Bronze)
Objective: Web of Challenges - Obtain All Gold Medals for a Chapter

Hammer Slammer (Bronze)
Objective: Damage enemies with Roundhouse Spin and Web Hammer 10 times each

Hundred Hit Hero (Bronze)
Objective: Execute a 100-hit combo

Infinite Slugger (Bronze)
Objective: Execute a 200-hit combo

Intrepid Adventurer (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Act 3 on any difficulty level

Jack Of All Attacks (Bronze)
Objective: Perform 3 of each type of Grab Attack on enemies

Sizzling Century Mark (Bronze)
Objective: Defeat 100 enemies

Super Trooper (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Act 1 on any difficulty level

Super-Suited Swinger (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain all Alternate Suits

Superb Spider Searcher (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain 1/2 of the Golden Spiders

Survivor Supreme (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Session 3 or later without dying

Collector Detector (Silver)
Objective: Collect 2000 Orb Fragments

Excellent Emblem Enthusiast (Silver)
Objective: Collect 1000 Orb Fragments

Master Of All You Survey (Silver)
Objective: Complete all chapters on Hard

Mighty Medal Master (Silver)
Objective: Web of Challenges - Obtain All Gold Medals for an Act

Spider Slugger Supreme (Silver)
Objective: Defeat 500 enemies

Consumate Completist (Gold)
Objective: Web of Challenges - Obtain All Gold Medals

Spider Snagger Supreme (Gold)
Objective: Obtain all Golden Spiders

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Platinum (Platinum)
Objective: Unlock all trophies to earn this.

Secret Trophies

Anti-Venom Vanquisher (Bronze)
Objective: Defeat Anti-Venom on any difficulty level

Astounding Archives Achiever (Bronze)
Objective: Gain access to the Restricted Archives Computer

Awesome Atomic Acquirer (Bronze)
Objective: Collect all three Atomic Fuses

Boss Of Bosses (Bronze)
Objective: Defeat the CEO on any difficulty level

Bot Hotshot (Bronze)
Objective: Erase the Prototype Combat Robot from existence

Complete Data Diviner (Bronze)
Objective: Analyze all Data Modules

Dangerous Destination Decider (Bronze)
Objective: Reach Floor 66

Daringly Determined Dodger (Bronze)
Objective: Evade 100 attacks with Hyper-Sense

Dread Destiny Determiner (Bronze)
Objective: Foresee the death of Spider-Man

Fabulous Feline Fury (Bronze)
Objective: Defeat Black Cat on any difficulty level

Ghost With The Most (Bronze)
Objective: Avoid 100 Attacks with Accelerated Decoy

Incinerator Rex! (Bronze)
Objective: Bring the Incinerator to Maximum Power

Jackpot, Tiger! (Bronze)
Objective: Save Mary Jane

Larrupin' Locksmith (Bronze)
Objective: Teleport back to Alchemax with the Key

Mighty Marvel Booster (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a Freefall section by boosting the entire time

Mighty Meltdown Misser (Bronze)
Objective: Stop the future from becoming a radioactive wasteland

Mighty Monster Master (Bronze)
Objective: Retrieve all three DNA Samples from the knocked-out Atrocity

Monster Master Maximus (Bronze)
Objective: Defeat Atrocity on any difficulty level

Read All About It! (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain all Newspapers

Restricted Room Rogue (Bronze)
Objective: Gain access to the Future Restricted Area

That's The Parker Luck, Chuck (Bronze)
Objective: Spider-Man is down and out